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Last Updated: Wednesday February 08 2006 08:31 GMT

I was a film critic for the day

Millie meets Chicken Little!
Millie meets Chicken Little!

Being the first to see a film or game and write the review can affect lots of people's opinions.

Press Packer Millie got the chance to see Chicken Little and play the game, AND tell you all about it!

"I arrived in London at lunchtime and headed to the Disney headquarters.

Outside the building, to my surprise, we were met by two comedy press photographers who took some photos of us arriving!

They were like proper paparazzi photographers - I felt famous.

Party for the press

Once inside and walking up the stairs, I could see loads of balloons with cartoons on them.

The room was decorated with Disney characters and full of more balloons, all different colours and shapes.

Everywhere I looked there were tables full of food, drinks, crisps, sweets, snacks and even an ice cream machine.

Playing the game

There were four big games console machines all playing the new Chicken Little game.

I had a go on one of them and had a great time.

Millie tries out her circus skills
Millie tries out her circus skills

All around me were magicians, clowns and face painters.

I watched some tricks and learnt to juggle with the help of a cool entertainer.

Also I had my face painted in a cool design to match my top.

Being a movie critic

Then it was the time to watch the film. The digital screen made it look almost 3D.

When the film had ended the Disney people told us that a special someone had come to see us.

Special guest

Some of the little children got every excited and one small boy even asked "Is it the Queen?" Unfortunately not!

But better than that, we did get to meet Mickey Mouse and get our picture taken with him!

When we were leaving I was given a great big goodie bag full of stuff, including the new Chicken Little game with I had played on earlier.

I had a great day it was truly wonderful!"

Millie, 13, Solihull

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