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Last Updated: Saturday July 16 2005 11:11 GMT

Quiz: First 100 pages of Half-Blood Prince

Girl reading the Half-Blood Prince

Question 1

Who is the new Minister of Magic?

A: Dumbledore
B: Rufus Scrimgeour
C: Snape

Question 2

What does the Prime Minister call Sirius Black?

A: Slytherin Black
B: Serum Black
C: Serious Black

Question 3

Who is the Defence of the Dark Arts teacher in this book?

A: Snape
B: Lupin
C: Slughorn

Question 4

What does Slughorn disguise himself as when Harry first meets him?

A: An armchair
B: A table
C: A vase of flowers

Question 5

Who is Fleur Delacour engaged to?

A: Charlie Weasley
B: Bill Weasley
C: Percy Weasley

Question 6

What's the name given to dead bodies who are bewitched to do Voldemort's bidding?

A: Corpseri
B: Inferi
C: Deceaseri

Question 7

How many OWLs did Harry pass?

A: 6
B: 7
C: 8

Question 8

What nickname do Hermione and Ginny give to Fleur?

A: Florence
B: Flower
C: Phlegm

Question 9

What's the name of the village where Horace Slughorn lives?

A: Budleigh Babberton
B: Babbling Budderton
C: Biddling Babberton

Question 10

What colour is Tonks' hair when Harry first meets her again?

A: Bubblegum pink
B: Mousy brown
C: Shocking purple

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