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Last Updated: Thursday July 21 2005 17:42 GMT

Half-Blood Prince: what do you think of it?

Child reads book

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has hit the shops and millions of people are reading it.

Many of you have already finished it - especially if you've been using our speed reading tips!

So what do you think of it? Let us know what you like about it, and anything that you don't like. BUT DON'T GIVE AWAY ANY MAJOR PLOT SPOILERS!

E-mail and let us know!

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Your comments

The darkest book yet but absolutely brill the way it is written. It made me finish it once I had started. It is a shame that... died but overall I give it 10/10 and can't wait for the 7 and last HP book.
Michal, 14, Bracknell

The 6th Harry Potter is so sad! It's the only book that made me cry!! The death was really unexpected, it totally shocked me. It's one of my favourites, but it didn't seem to have very much of a definite plot; the incidents were pretty isolated. Book 6 was really just setting the scene for book 7. Can't wait for the last book!!
Joanna, 14, Holland

I really enjoyed reading the book although I think it was a bit short and seemed a bit different to the other 5, the actual year wasn't structured as well. The end was really sad too! It was also really good but I think I read it too fast, meaning I didn't take it all in, it seemed very short to me.
Orla, 14, Newcastle

The HBP is so good I read it all properly in 2 days and am now reading it again! (Not in order though.)
Tana, 11, Braintree

I'm only a few chapters in, but I'm already hooked into what happens next!
Alice, 11, Ipswich

I think that the book is the best one yet.
Matthew, 11, Herne Bay

I think the sixth Harry Potter book was excellent, with a gripping beginning and an unexpected ending, I read it in a day and a half and I just couldn't put it down.
Amber, 12, Shrewsbury

I love this book though a little bit heavier than the last book. Yes, I cried when I read the last chapter of the book. I really can't wait for the next and final book!
Ain, 15, Malaysia

I think that the previous Harry Potter books have been great but now they are too long and take ages to read, so I can't be bothered to read them, why not keep them short so that more people will read them?
Sian, 14, Burton Upon Trent

I thought HBP was good, and although everyone says they disliked the ending, I think it was completely necessary, not that it wasn't sad, but what happened had to happen.
Becky, 15, Birmingham

I was so upset I cried and I never cry. I kept on having urge's to tell my mom what happens. I loved the book though and it revealed so much.
Allison, 11, Canada

It's great so far, I love it - not better than book 5 though but it's still awesome! Good job JK.
Rosie, 13, Blackburn

I love the book so far!! I am on chapter 20. I can't wait to finish it but in a way I don't want to finish it. Then there will be only one book left.
Allison, 11, Calludon

Read it in one go and it was such an emotional ride to laugh, be MASSIVELY shocked four times and come close to tears in the space of one morning. It was the weirdest ten hours!
Andrew, 15, Sutton Coldfield

An incredibly powerful ending!
Luke, 14, Barry

This is one of the best books I've read. Best behind the 4th book. Last chapter was really sad though. Can't wait for number 7!
Kieran, 15, Australia

I went at midnight to get it, and then started straight away!!!! I finished it on Sunday night it was brill!!
Sophie, 12, Wishaw

It was so much darker than the previous books and revealed so much. I was speechless by the end so I turned over and started again.
Elena, 12, Hove

I cried when I finished the half-blood prince. I think it's the best book yet and can't wait for the next.
Lia, 14, London

Full of laughter, tears, and very well written it really reaches your heart!
Veronica, 14, Texas

I'm only half way through and already it's really gripping - but it's a bit random.
Claudz, 11, Manchester

It was good, but had a different tone to the other books, sometimes I found it slightly boring and I thought there would have been more information! But all in all it is still worth reading, but not the best book I've ever read.
Sean, 13, Glasgow

I thought the book was fantastic and I cried when I found out who died and who the half-blood prince was. It is the best book out since the last HP book!
Kia, 14, Glasgow

I have to wait 'til I go home from my vacation in Paris to read the book!!!!! I want my book!!! I even pre-ordered it a year ago!!!
Sonia, 13, San Jose

I didn't sleep all night until I finished the book! It made my weekend complete!
Eunice, 15, Philippines

I just finished the book and thought that it was very cool. I was a bit shocked at the end but enjoyed the book a lot - didn't want it to finish so fast.
Fahim, 12, Liverpool

This is definitely the best book so far - it is the only book that has ever made me cry, which is quite an achievement. I loved it!
Rose, 14, Croydon

It was written in a different style to JK's usual way but it was fantastic anyway. The ending was so sad.
Becky, 10, Oswestry

I think that it was a very good and interesting. I really cannot wait for the 7th book of Harry Potter.
Sarah, 10, Delhi

I found it a bit hard to get into the first chapter but once I read the second one I found it really hard to put down. I can't wait for the last book to come out but I don't want the series to end.
Jen, 15, Telford

I thought that the book was really good and I couldn't put it down, however I think that some of the characters during the course of the set of books have changed their characters too much and do things that are out of character. I still think the way she fits all the little hints together is amazing and I can't wait to read the next one!
Sarah, 13, Lancashire

I finished the book on Sunday and I thought that it was the best yet although it could have had a bit more action in.
Sam, 11, Melton Mowbray

I've read half of the half blood prince and it is absolutely brilliant.
Milly, 13, Lincoln

HBP is possibly the most well-written of all the Harry Potter books. JKR really put her heart and soul in this one and it really shows. It's sad and dark but it does what it needs to do. 10/10!
Lauren, 15, Ann Arbor

The book is brilliant and the plot is cool but the ending is really sad and leaves at a cliff hanger!
Dylan, 14, Wetherby

The HBP is the darkest of all the books. It made me laugh and cry and gasp in shock! The best of the 6 I think.
Alif, 14, Leicester

Fantastic 10/10 nice one j.k rowling
Beverly, 10, Liverpool

Got the book at midnight and didn't stop reading until 4 a.m. My eyes are all red from reading and crying a bit too. When I found out who the Half-Blood Prince was, I was just...words can't explain. THIS BOOK ROCKS!!!
Amy, 14, Arizona

My copy is lost in the post and I have to wait until Monday before I can read it! I WANT MY BOOK!
Francine, 13, Nottinham

I couldn't put it down! My hands were literally glued- I didn't even stop for dinner! The best yet!!! a little confusing and shocking but it really is brilliant! It also answered some questions but posed lots more! i loved it!!
Megan, 14, Essex

I think the book is really good so far! I think its well written and more thought out than the fifth book.
Jess, 12, Wells

At the beggining it was a bit boring but the end was really upsetting!!!!:(
Amy, 11, Aylesbury

It's the best book so far!!! I was addicted, I was shocked at what happened at the end cos I never saw it coming and it was well upsetting! I now cannot wait for the next book, it's gonna be even more amazing!
Amy, 14, Croydon

That was excellent just finished reading it a couple of seconds ago! Im gonna read it again now! It was really excellent but i never thought "ahem" would die, its really sad. I think its quite funny the way Ron, Lavender, Hermione, Harry, Ginny and Dean have got relationships! I can't wait for the next one! Im glad 2 have read it but i wish it was longer because i was upset when i had finished it because there was no more left!!!
Sarah, 12, Romney Marsh

It was different. Not at all like the other books. It was a brilliant book but it seemed like it was written by a different author.
Ems, 13, Birmingham

I finished it about 10 minutes ago, and although it was great to read, it wasn't as good as the other books. The climax wasn't really very thrilling and the half blood prince story was a bit lame. However, i really enjoyed the bits about Voldemorts past.
Natasha, 15, Sheffield

It was fantastic but I thought that we were going to learn more about Harry parent's than we actually did in the end.
Amanda, 15, Oxford

Half Blood Prince is brill! I never thought that those 2 characters would get together but they did!! also u can figure out who the half blood prince is from that book!!
Amm, 13, Coseley

The beginning is a bit confusing but then it turned out to be fantastic!!! A must-read for everyone.
Alice, 14, London

When I first started reading it, I didn't like it that much. In my opinion this book seemed different somehow. The book has some excellent twists and I hope that the 7th book is double the size. I think the last few chapters are very sad and I felt as emotional as the characters in the book.
Claire, 15, Leeds

I have read the first 2 chapters and it's getting interesting... but this person on a forum has told me what happens at the end which has spoilt the whole book for me. :(
Filip, 12, London

Wow, it was amazing. The ending was really upsetting. It lays a good foundation for the final book!
Laura, 15, Norwich

The ending is seriously sad believe me - I burst out crying when I read it! I was in bed all day on Saturday reading.
Amy, 11, Ayrshire

It's the best book of the lot, but the ending is so sad. I finished it this morning and I just wanted to get stuck in to the next one!
Caroline, 14, Isle of Sheppey

I've already read it, and I think it's better than the OOTP which drags on a bit in the middle. But this one is sooo sad at the end, I was almost crying!
Jennifer, 11, Essex

Totally amazing, it's really good and you learn loads of new secrets and stuff. I can't believe there's only one more book to go after this.
Grace, 14, Hitchin

I finished the book last night and I would say it's the best one yet. It's such a shame there is only one more to come! There are a few surprises but I am not going to give them away!!
Lucy, 13, Munich

This is my favourite Harry Potter book by far! I can't believe what's happened! I could never imagine any of it in my wildest dreams! Well done JK Rowling!
Gemma, 15, Bristol

I'm now on chapter 6 and I can't stop reading! This is the best book yet!
Martin, 11, Berwick

I'm on chapter one and the book is a bit boring but I hope the rest of the book gets better.
Jessica, 10, Haverhill

Awww man, I'll get my copy in August. I envy all of you guys!
Ali, 15, Uzbekistan

Great book but a bit sad and depressing. Unexpected death. Finished it in 4 hrs and loved it.
Laura, 11, Burgess Hill

I'm currently waiting for my Gran in Yorkshire to post my copy to me, but I was looking on a few Potter sites and found a poem on who dies and I just cried my eyes out ;-(
Rachael, 13, Southport

I think it's brilliant so far! I rate the first few chapters 10/10.
Sherri, 10, Waltham Abbey

This book is amazing!! I love it!! I'm on chapter 11 and I'm glued to the book. I think it's the best so far! Well done JK!
Lynsey, 12, Edinburgh

I finished the book after a non-stop 10 hour reading session. I loved the whole entire book, it was thrilling, and really dark and mysterious. Most of the things that happened were really unpredictable!
Zoe, 12, London

The first 4 chapters are very boring, but it does get a bit better. But overall it's not the best Harry Potter book.
Louis, 10, Surrey

Fantastic! It instantly became my favourite book because it is full of romance and of course mystery. I am dying to read the next book.
Cassandra, 12, Romford

I was supposed to get the book today, and someone just blurted out who dies to me!
Elisheva, 13, Manchester

I've finished the book and thought it was brilliant, although I almost cried at the last few chapters. I was really shocked when I found out who the half-blood Prince is, it's not who I expected. I think this book is the darkest of them all, it's difficult to describe it, but I would say it's sad but beautiful, if you can understand what I mean.
Jade, 14, Bristol

It was brilliant but also incredibly sad. Congratulations JK! Can't wait for the 7th book now!
Louise, 15, Auckland, New Zealand

It's amazing. It's seems as if the books seem to get better and better.
Rhiannon, 15, Twickenham I wish I could tell you guys what happens!
Shayem, 13, Houston

Greatest book yet, followed closely by the third. The second chapter was a little boring but it was definitely readable. I finished it in just under 13 hours but I took a lot of breaks.
Mike, 15, Deer Park

Read it in 7 hours. Wow, my grandma cried when she read her copy. I didn't cry, but I felt like it, to be honest. I had read all the fan sites, and was SURE I knew who the Half-Blood Prince was. I was wrong. I can't wait two more years for the next book, so I hope JK starts writing soon!
Zach, 13, Dallas

Amazing! It only took me about six hours but those six hours were really AMAZING!
Reyna, 11, New Jersey

A few of you think the beginning is boring - how could you, it's totally gripping!
Jen, 15, Derby

I got it at 7.30 this morning and started to read it. It is awesome but I never really understood chapter 1.
Taylor, 12, Canada

So far I'm on chapter 5, but I had to read the first 2 chapters twice because they were totally weird and confusing. Also does anyone else think that Rowling's writing style has changed?
Alicia, 14, Twickenham

100% class. But I felt sad at the end. Overall, it was totally not a waste of time to read.
Ahmad, 11, Bradford

I've just finished reading it and I'm still in shock! I hope Jo has a good way to dig herself out of the hole she has dug and I hope the characters will survive without.....
Orla, 12, Lurgan

OH! MY! GOD! I'm still in shock! It was great. I was just amazed, devastated, humoured, and pieces of the Harry Potter puzzle have fitted, but there are new mysteries! JK Rowling has outdone herself!
Anjali, 12, Dallas

How can people say that the start was boring? It was a marvellous way to bring the two worlds together. Awesome! Gripping! Amazing!
Matt, 15, Heywood

I cannot believe I have read and in like 4 hours! Now just another three years until the next book! My advice to readers out slowly (it is cheaper and more satisfactory).
Sophia, 12, Taunton

The book was wicked! I read it in about 4 1/2 hours because I didn't want to hear who died.
Holly, 12, Prestwood

Some of the sentences are quite hard to read, compared to the first few books. On the whole, I am loving it so far.
Rachel, 13, Nottingham

I haven't got hold of the book yet :( these comments are making me really excited!
Sarah, 13, Oxford

I really liked it. It was written much differently, but it was good. I cried at the end, it was so sad!
Katie, 14, USA

At first I thought it was the best book ever but I then I got to the end and it disappointed me. I read it in 4 1/2 hrs.
Ruth, 12, Edinburgh

Me and my Mum just finished it - not bad considering it was done by us reading the whole thing aloud - and I am stunned. We both just sat and cried. It was like we knew the person who died. The whole end was so moving, it was stunning.
Lauren, 14, Northampton

I finished the whole book in 10 hours and it was very good. I can't wait for the final book to come out already as this book was excellent. It also answers a lot of unanswered questions from other books that you just thought were just there, but not actually having a meaning behind them. Enjoy reading the rest, it is great.
Emma, 14, Ellesmere

I'm on chapter eight and so far JK Rowling has done us proud once more. I can't wait to find out who the HBP is. I'm glad Newsround is not letting spoilers ruin the book for everyone else.
Sam, 12, Birmingham

I finished the Half-Blood Prince in 13 hours and within that time had laughed, cried and became speechless with the powerful ending.
Gemma, 15, London

It's amazing, even though it's so sad at the end. But I love the matchmaking throughout! However, things bode badly for the next book.
Alithea, 14, Ross-on-Wye

What a book! It may start out slowly but what an incredible ending. You're just hit by sensation after sensation.
Jamie, 15, Hastings

So far it seems great. I couldn't help myself and looked who died and it shocked me a bit. It just makes me wonder now what's going to happen in the next book.
Leanne, 13, Yorkshire

It's great, I've read it and I'm re-reading it because I love it so much.
Mevi, 11, Huddersfield

Absolutely brilliant. Stayed awake all night to read it. Can't believe who she killed off, it's so sad but still a great book. Can't wait for the last one!
Bethan, 12, Cardiff

Wow it's amazing I just can't stop reading it, it is so good!
Lydia, 12, Sheffield

The book rocks! It's sooo good. I absolutely loved it, I was shocked by the ending though. I am not going to spoil the fun for others by saying what happens in the book. For all the people who have to read it, go ahead and enjoy it!!
Heena, 13, Bombay

OMG! This new book is so amazing I'm still reeling in shock from the ending. This books is a lot darker then any of the others and if you think of JK's first book and now the sixth one, so much has changed. Don't worry, I won't spoil the book for anyone who hasn't read it yet!
Sofiya, 15, London

I think that the new Harry Potter book is really good. Well done J K Rowling.
Kirsty, 15, Southend

I'm on chapter 13 at the moment. It's the best Potter book yet. Can't wait for number 7!
Rebecca, 14, Essex

I've read the entire book in just four hours and I think it is one of her best yet, the plot is thrilling and has unexpected twists and turns. Yet again JK Rowling has captivated us with a new book!
Vadz, 14, Walsall

I cannot believe that after this book the story can go on, it won't be the same. Also, why is everyone on the site claiming they knew this was going to happen? Just accept you didn't know and this plotline was a work of genius!
Jessica, 14, Birmingham

I went to my local bookshop yesterday at 11pm. It was packed! When the clock struck 12 we all pulled party poppers! It was ace! I haven't read it yet as I'm saving it for the summer hols!
Eve, 11, Llanduno

The book was a lot darker than the previous ones. It is less light-hearted. It was also slightly smaller than GOF and a lot smaller than OOTP, so it only took about four and a half hours to read it. A lot more satisfactory answers than previous book. The ending was kinda sad.
Sarah, 15, Chippenham

I finished it in five hours and all I can say is WOAH!! It was absolutely brill, but I couldn't believe the ending, I feel like I'm gonna cry!
Meabh, 15, Brussels

It is absolutely amazing! It took me less than a day and it was worth it! How can anyone ask how JK Rowling became so famous! I can't wait for the seventh book! I've got so many questions!
Zaariyah, 13, Aberdeen

I just got it an hour ago and I'm on chapter 4. I'm reading super slow to get all the details in. I know how it ends so it's getting me all mad and I'm already sad!
Teresa, 14, Calgary

The book is GREAT! I somehow managed to predict most of the stuff before they happened. Ooer! However, I'd definitely say this is the best so far! The end was such a shock! But it was really REALLY good :)
Yanqing, 13, Plymouth

I've just got the book and I'm reading it all day without closing the book!
Samia, 13, Sheffield

A pretty amazing book, the best yet! JK got me to love her and hate her so many times over the course of my reading, so well done to her! But it's left me with a very dark feeling! Now we've just got the long, long wait until book 7!
Vicky, 15, Bournemouth

What a really sad ending, I really could not believe what happened and I was really shocked to have found out who the real HBP was. Awesome book, really good weird pairings though if you know what I mean. Book 7 is going to be AWESOME!!!:)
Erin, 13, Oxfordshire

I still can't believe that this story is actually about Harry Potter. It seems to have been written very differently, and I'm not sure if that's a bad or good thing yet. It seems very rushed with too many new characters to keep track of and not enough details of what Harry's thinking, though I LOVED the first chapter. Enjoy reading!
Fionnuala, 12, Magherafelt

It is ace, I love it and it's got to be the best.
Georgina, 13, Eccleston

This book is so good, I'm already on chapter 7! I just can't put it down.
Georgia, 12, Scotland

I cried quite a lot but it was very good!
Lexy, 13, Wigton

I can't believe it, all this excitement! I STILL haven't gotten the book! I think I'm going mad! I won't be able to get it until August, when my dad comes back from the US, because where I live it doesn't come out in English.
I.Alex, 15, South America

I am blind and I haven't had the chance to read it as yet. I think it is so unfair that the audio book isn't out yet. For those who are blind it doesn't come out until 28 August.
Ben, 14, Birmingham

Ok finished book...cannot believed they killed off that character!! What is up with that! It was a great book... but I did find the ending to be a bit of a let down. Dunno why...just did.
Trixie, 15, Belfast

I finished the new book the day it came out. It was the best book I've ever read and I'm angry with myself that I finished it so quickly! Now I can't talk about the absolutely brilliant plot with my friends! I don't want to spoil the best book ever written for them! out!
Alex, 13, Bristol

OMG it is amazing I just finished it!! We ordered two copies of it so that both my brother and I could finish at the same time but sadly I finished and he hasn't. I managed to scream when the major thing happened and he found out. Oops! out!
Antonia, 12, Kent

All I can say is that it is well worth the read. I haven't read it all yet, I've just managed to put it down!
Aisha, 12, Slough

It has been a great read so far! Unlike the other Harry Potter books, you get into it at the very beginning - the adventures start at the start of the book! I can't wait to finish it!
Becky, 12, Aberdeenshire

Finished - such a major twist! The ending opens up a whole new range of possibilities for the last book, can't wait for that and hopefully it'll be even thicker than OOTP.
Cassie, 15, Manchester

I am going on holiday on Tuesday, so I am trying to keep it for the plane but all my friends are reading it and the temptation is KILLING ME!!
Rolissa, 15, Belfast

My heart was thumping as I read the last few chapters where the real plot takes place. I can't believe who the Half-Blood Prince is! Totally unexpected! I was crying and my heart was racing when I found out about a certain loss. Rowling has outdone herself! Can't wait for book 7!
Abinč, 12, London

I love the book and really feel as though it answers unanswered questions from the last book.
Sarah, 13, Cheshunt

I haven't read it yet but it looks fantastic. I've read the other books and they are great! Keep it up JK Rowling.
Vanessa, 10, Surrey

I think the new book of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is very interesting.
Lisa, 12, Ashton

I love the new book though am in shock. I can't believe it. The next book is gonna be the best yet. sob sob.
Rebecca, 13, Cheltenham

WoW!! Is all I can say. it took me 7 hours to read but it sure was worth it. The endings really sad :( but all in all its the BEST book I have ever read.

Well, the feel of the book is great, just like 1,2 and 3 but the whole motive is pretty bland
Eric, 14, Northampton

I think the book is great, I'm on chapter 2 and it's getting good
Luke, 9, Colchester

the first 2 chapters r really good
Floss, 11, Oxford

I'm really shocked by the ending. I think I'm gonna cry :'(
Sarah, 15, West Mids

I think it's great! especially the part about Snape in the 2nd chapter! It totally shocked me. I accidentally opened the book at the wrong page and read 2 major plot lines which I regretted but I will soon finish it I hope!
Nicola, 12, Norwich

I think it's great book ever that Rowling has done so far
Fahim, 12, Faversham

I have just bought it and I think it is brill. People have already finished it! how can u read it that quick?
Jennifer, 13

I think its pretty cool so far
Rebecca, 9, Kent

I'm on chapter 14 - it's brilliant
Harry, 7, Grays

I bought the book today and have read 4 chapters and thought the first 3 were very boring as they didn't relate to the old Harry potter world I used to know! overall I think its a thumbs down for me even though I've read ahead a bit and know the plot and who's gonna die but I'm not spoiling that!!
Arran, 13, Norwich

Amazing book so far! Can't seem to tear me away from it! First few chapters were confusing as I haven't "visited" the Harry Potter world for a while! But the plot rushed back to me after 2 chapters! Keep up the surprising plots JK!
Laura, 14, Wales

This is one of the best books I have ever read. I finished it in 5 hours. it is also one of the saddest books I ever read too.
Leanne, 14, Ireland

I think the HBP is great, the start is a bit boring though.
Roddy,11, Glasgow

I just finished reading it! ITS' FANTASTIC!!!!! I don't want to give the ending away but let's just say there is a very unexpected event... This is definitely her best work yet!
Rachel, 12, Birmingham

I think Harry Potter is really good I am really enjoying it finding it hard to book down. Keep up the good work JK Rowling
Claire, 14, Bedfordshire

I am loving the book it's great. I got it at midnight and I am on chapter 6. It's great to see Dumbledore is included in it a lot more in this book. He's great!
Alex, 11, Leicester

The best book yet. Finished it after 9 hours. great read. Can't wait until the next one.
Ben, 14, Bromley

I don't know why people don't like the first chapter. I think it's a brilliant way to reflect on everything that's happened in the series so far. I started reading them when I was 6, and I do have to say, from what I've read so far, it's in the running to be the best or close second to Goblet of Fire!
Micky, 15, Bradford

I have only read a bit, but I love it already!!!
Emily, 14, Northampton

I got mine at 10 am. I'm on chapter five now. I couldn't help looking at the spoilers and knowing who's going to die and who's the half blood prince.
Mehreen, 11, Accrington

The first 6 chapters are cool - can't stop reading.
Matt, 10, East Grinstead

The ending made me cry my eyes out but it was fantastic, best book yet. I've read it three times.
Corinne, 14, Swindon

I went and told my sisters who the half blood prince is and who died. I didn't mean to it just happened . I wont spoil it for you lot though!
Nosheen, 12, London

Harry potter is really good, I'm on chapter four. I went down at midnight - it was well worth it.
Donna, 14, Dungannon

I really enjoyed the book. It was so good. The end was incredible. I loved it.
Abigail, 11, Radcliffe

I think it is a good book so far, I hope it is just as good as the others!
Terri, 13, Winsford

I've finished the book already! It's AMAZING!
Regina, 15, Northampton

I got my book a few hours ago. I'm on chapter five so far. I know who the Half-Blood Prince is! I'm not going to tell, I don't want to ruin it for everyone else.
Emily, 13, Reading

I got mine at midnight and went home and read chapter one, it was boring and hard to understand. The rest is brilliant I'm reading chapter six now. So far I would give it full marks but chapter one an eight. Keep up the good work JK Rowling.
David, 12, Fife

My mum and dad had to basically snatch the book off me because I was reading it all night...still not finished though. This is far the best Harry Potter book yet!
Stuart, 13, Greenock

Just finished Harry Potter. It was excellent, well worth the wait. Roll on film number four and book seven!
Rachel, 14, Harlow

The start is boring, it just goes on and on. People who finished it in seven hours must be tired because it's not like you can't put it down. It's not as exciting as the fifth book but hopefully it will get better.
Laura, 12, Bristol

I went to a midnight party at Ottakars last night and I was shaking with anticipation. I got my book and as soon a I got home, read chapter one. I'm now reading chapter five. I can't wait to read the end, find out who dies and who the HBP is. Judging by all the comments from people who've finished it, it's a cracking ending!
Ryan, 13, King's Lynn

So far so good. It was a little boring at the beginning but it's getting better.
Natt, 12, Grimsby

I think it's great! I saw the programme on TV last night of Harry Potter at the castle. JK Rowling read a few pages and it seemed really fantastic! I can't wait to read it.
Nadia, 14, Sheffield

OMG! How many people have already finished the book? I've just started reading it now!
Aysha, 13, Chester

I cried at the end... I thought it was AMAZING, I finished it in seven hours... I'll go read it again I think... I like the way Harry is so different to book one. Then again, he's not 11 any more. But still, the tone is much better and darker.
Liz, 12, Beckingham

My sister got it at 12am, and she finished it by 7am this morning. She said she couldn't put it down because it was that good.
Zakhiya, 13, Northampton

The death was terrible. What's going to happen? Though, it was a great book!
Hannah, 14, Oxford

I think I have a fairly good clue who's going to die and who the Half-Blood Prince is after reading the first nine chapters.
David, 13, Darlington

I have just bought it and the front cover is fab. I'm saving it for the summer holiday - it looks great.
Tamanna, 12, London

All I can say is I'm totally shocked at the end! It's a brilliant book though, even though a lot of it was quite predictable, and she gave a big thing away early on!
Judith, 15, N Ireland

I've just come back from Woolworth's to buy the book, though it's not me who wants to read it - it's my sisters. I can't stand Harry Potter.
Nosheen, 12, Accrington

I'm not sure about this one, it's not as good. I haven't finished it yet but it's not like I can't put it down or anything - I just hope it gets better towards the end.
Ann, 14, Birmingham

The best Harry Potter book yet! There's a different tone to it. A whole lot more action, humour, romance. I'm very satisfied, though put down at the ending. But still, overall I loved it. JK, you've done us proud once more.
Dian, 14, Singapore

The new Harry Potter book is amazing, it is so hard to put down. I haven't stopped reading it for three hours straight. It's a great storyline and can't wait to find out what happens!
Stephanie, 13, Ayesbury

I've got my copy and read a few pages of it. I can't believe people have already finished the book, it hasn't been out for even a day yet! But I think this is going to be a FANTASTIC novel, and JK Rowling, you've really made my Saturday!
Lisa, 13, Southampton

I'm only up to chapter 13 but it's already the best of the six - totally amazing!
Trey, 14, Brisbane, Australia

Finished the book...a lot of surprises...I cried! Definitely a great read though. I thought the Half- Blood Prince was predictable? Am I alone? But it was a fab I'm gonna sleep! yawn!
Rachel, 14, Ripon

Got it this morning and I'm slow reader but read chapter one and it's good.
Daniel, 13, Bolton

Wicked, I'm on the third chapter and it's great.
Carys, 11, Barry

I'm not reading it yet. Saving it for when I go to Spain next Sunday. I'm sure it'll be fab though.
Lou, 15, Woking

I've already read up to the fifth chapter of the new book and I think it's amazing. Thanks for such a brill book!
Niamh, 11, Northampton

Absolutely fabulous, can't put it down!
Kim, 13, Newport

Just finished the book, never expected half of what happened, but it makes sense. The ending was VERY surprising and it nearly made me cry. An amazing book.
Maggie, 15, York

I haven't got my copy yet. But I can't wait to read it.
Sana, 12, Birmingham

It was brilliant. I loved everything. I finished it this morning!
Emily, 13, Oldland Common

It's great, I've read about half. It was worth the wait!
Aaliya, 13, Walthamstow

I think it is very good so far and I don't want to ever put it down.
Sophie, 9, Brighton

It is the best one yet. I LOVE it.
Rachel, 11, Eathorpe

It is absolutely cool! I have already read a quarter of it!
Annie, 9, Edenfield

JK's using a slightly different tone in this book, but still good work!
Asta, 14, Australia

I haven't started reading it yet but I think it's going to be FAB!
Melissa, 12, London

I ordered mine from Amazon. I was soooo excited when it came! But I managed to restrain myself and read only one chapter. That way the fun will last longer.
Amy, 13, Morden

Read it in 5 hours, 20 mins and I didn't go to bed at all! OMG!!!! I loved it, I soooooooo can't wait for the next one. It's soooooooo better than OOTP and it's probably the best yet! I was shaking all the way through, even more so when you found out who the Half Blood Prince was. I say WELL DONE to JK Rowling, you've done it again!
Emma, 13, Weymouth

It's brilliant! It makes you want to read on and never ever put the book down! I can't wait to find out who the prince is.....
Safina, 10, Essex

It's AMAZING so far! The action starts straight away, it's even better than OOTP! I've found out loads of stuff already.
Clare, 13, London

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