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Last Updated: Friday July 15 2005 14:25 GMT

Video games can help ill children

A games console
A professor reckons computer games aren't as bad for us as other experts often say.

Mark Griffiths from Nottingham Trent University says they can be a really good distraction for children who are ill and having treatment.

He's been studying video games for 15 years to discover what effect they can have on children.

Professor Griffiths does think that violent games might make some people aggressive, but says it's not certain.

He says some evidence shows that children having painful treatments like chemotherapy massively benefit from having games to distract them.

They needed less medicine to relieve the pain than the children who weren't given the games.

Using the hands can also distract people who can't stop touching a cut for example, and therefore helps it heal quicker.

The professor says "video gaming is safe for most players and can be useful in healthcare".

But he really wants more studies to be done to work out the effects of using games over a long period of time.

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