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Last Updated: Friday July 15 2005 12:12 GMT

I interviewed children's champion

Al and Emily

Emily, 13, from Swindon won a Press Pack competition to interview Al Aynsley-Green who is the first ever Children's Commissioner for England.

As well as getting to interview the man who makes sure that children get taken seriously by the government, she also got to meet some of the Newsround team!

"When I arrived at BBC Television Centre in London, I thought it was going to be very formal, but it looked much more friendly than it does on TV.

I met Newsround presenters Lizo and Ellie, saw some of the BBC studios, went in the Blue Peter Garden and even spotted Nick Knowles in reception.

Writing questions
Emily in the Newsround office
Emily in the Newsround office

Then one of the producers helped me write a few more questions for my interview with Al.

I was quite nervous about it, but I was well prepared so there wasn't anything to worry about.

Our taxi arrived to take us to meet Al and we drove through London via Notting Hill and Buckingham Palace, but the traffic was awful so we turned up late.

When I met Al, I shook his hand and introduced myself and he seemed really laid back and friendly.

The interview

We went into his office and sat at a round table, which is not what I'd expected.

I thought he'd be sitting behind a really big desk, and I'd be at the other side of it like in a job interview.

He briefly explained what he did and then I started the interview.

My Mum and one of the producers were taking notes so I could concentrate on asking the questions.

During the interview he really showed that he cared a lot about the views of children - much more than I thought he would.

He also told me that I was the first young person to interview him in his new job!

Minister for children

At the end of the interview we took some pictures and then we were taken over to the office of Beverley Hughes who is the Minister of State for children, young people and families.

Her office was in a very important looking building, right next to the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.

The minister wasn't around, but her assistant showed us into her office and let us see the red box that she takes her work home in - it was really heavy because it's made of lead!

We then met the minister's Diary Secretary and she showed me what a typical day in her calendar looked like - very busy!


My favourite parts of today were meeting the Newsround presenters and Al Aynsley-Green.

I've met some famous and some important people today and the amazing thing is that they seem much more normal than I thought they would be.

The main thing that I've learnt today is that I can be more involved in politics at my age.

Although I still want a career in the media, it's good to know the views of children are taken seriously by politicians."

Emily, 13, Swindon

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