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Last Updated: Thursday July 14 2005 23:04 GMT

Edinburgh counts down to Potter

Book shop display - exciting, isn't it?!
Book shop display - exciting, isn't it?!
The home of Harry Potter author JK Rowling is getting ready for the launch of the sixth book in the series.

Edinburgh Castle will welcome lots of kids for a huge event leading up to a reading by JK at midnight.

And getting the ancient building ready for the grand unveiling is hard work - already, two huge banks of seating are in place in front of the castle.

Work was continuing through the night and well into Friday.


Horse-drawn carriages will bring the guests to the castle where they will be sorted into houses for the night's celebration.

Seating has been put up
Seating has been put up

Prefects will be escorting them around a castle that looks like it has been ripped from the pages of the book itself.

But it's not just at the castle where hard work is taking place ready for the launch.


Bookshops all over the city are making their last-minute plans for the unveiling of the book.

Pippa Jenkins works for the biggest bookshop in Edinburgh and said that this event will be as big as Christmas.

The rain can't dampen the mood of Potter fans!
The rain can't dampen the mood of Potter fans!

"There is nothing else like it - it's brilliant!' she said.

Double the usual staff will be working and the ground floor of the store will be filled with copies of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood prince.


It has already been predicted that this book will sell more than the previous ones.

Bookshops all around the city are preparing for queues and many are celebrating the launch with parties and games.

It seems that everyone is gearing up for midnight on Friday when book six will at last hit the shelves.