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Last Updated: Thursday July 14 2005 17:35 GMT

Quiz: Shuttles

Discovery prepares for take-off

Question 1

When was the first Nasa shuttle flight?

A: 5 May 1936
B: 15 October 1975
C: 12 April 1981

Question 2

Which orbiter never left the Earth's atmosphere, and now sits in a museum?

A: Enterprise
B: Atlantis
C: Endeavour

Question 3

What is a 'launch window'?

A: The window the astronauts look out of during take-off
B: The precise period of time in which a launch must occur
C: The name of the area the shuttle sits on before take-off

Question 4

In what year was the Challenger shuttle accident?

A: 1982
B: 1986
C: 1990

Question 5

How fast does a shuttle travel to remain in orbit?

A: 150 mph
B: 10,800 mph
C: 17,500 mph

Question 6

Why was the launch of the shuttle Discovery delayed in 1995?

A: The astronauts had a late lunch
B: Woodpeckers made holes in the foam insulation
C: The door wouldn't close properly

Question 7

Why do shuttles need powerful rockets to take off?

A: To escape the pull of Earth's gravity
B: To help steer the shuttle
C: So they can be easily seen by mission control

Question 8

What's the longest time a shuttle has spent in space?

A: 17 days, 15 hours, 53 minutes, 18 seconds
B: 37 days, 10 hours, 40 minutes, 10 seconds
C: 1 year

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