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Last Updated: Friday February 03 2006 17:43 GMT

Quiz: Rabbits

A rabbit having a drink

Question 1

How long can a healthy domestic rabbit live for?

A: 1-2 years
B: 5-10 years
C: 20-25 years

Question 2

Why do rabbits sometimes thump their back legs on the floor?

A: To beat time to music
B: To warn other rabbits of danger
C: To make friends with another rabbit

Question 3

How long are rabbits pregnant?

A: One month
B: Three months
C: Nine months

Question 4

In the wild, how old are baby rabbits when they leave their burrow for the first time?

A: One day old
B: One week old
C: Three weeks old

Question 5

What is a typical rabbit snack?

A: Mice, bats and spiders
B: Sardines, shrimps and salmon
C: Grass, carrot and apple

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