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Last Updated: Friday February 03 2006 17:37 GMT

Book Review: The Death Collector

The Death Collector by Justin Richards.

Justin Richards

Publication date

March 2006

The story

George Archer works at the British Museum, fixing clocks that are put on show. Sounds boring?

Well, his life is turned upside down with the discovery of a top scientist's diary which gives vital information about a new discovery that Sir Henry Glick was due to announce before his death.

Inventor Augustus Lorimore wants the diaries for his foul work - using dead bodies - and he will stop at nothing to get them.

George - helped by a young pickpocket, Eddie, and a vicar's daughter, Liz - must decipher the diaries before Mr Lorimore does.

There's plenty of chases, fights, a sťance, a zombie, giant creatures and inventive gadgetry.

The characters

The main character is George, who is really likeable and fairly normal. Young thief Eddie "Dipper" Hopkins may rob people for a living but he has a good heart and looks out for the others - coming to their rescue a few times!

Elizabeth Oldfield - Liz - gets involved and helps the others as they try to outwit the baddies, led by Augustus Lorimore (Boo! Boo!)

Skinny Mr Lorimore has wicked plans to take over the world - and will stop at nothing.


This is a real page turner. The book starts with a dead man walking back into his kitchen and then dragging his terrified dog out for a walk!

It's one thing after another and the action just keeps flowing.

It's hard to choose a best bit, but there's a really funny scene when George and Liz go to a sťance and Liz starts moving the table on purpose - and then there's a real message from the dead!

Any weak bits?

There's not really any weak bits, but you need to concentrate when you read the book as the action happens so fast.


Definitely. Once you've finished it, you'll want to find another book just as exciting.

NR rating:
NR rating: five out of five

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