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Last Updated: Thursday February 02 2006 11:46 GMT

Worksheet B

Country in _ _ _ _ Africa
_ _ _ _ _ _ poorest country in the world
Most people survive on less than _ _ pence a day
One in _ _ _ _ children die before their fifth birthday
Main causes of death: _ _ _ _ _ _ _, diarrhoea, pneumonia, measles
Cause of diseases: Malnutrition, unsafe _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ water, poor sanitation
Big food shortage in _ _ _ _

Ask your partner the following questions about Niger and fill in the blanks in the right-hand fact box:

  • Where is Niger?
  • How poor is Niger?
  • How much money do most people live on?
  • How many children die before their fifth birthday?
  • What are the main causes of death?
  • What are the main causes of diseases?
  • When was there a big food shortage?

    Now listen to your partner's questions about Madagascar and answer them, using the fact box below.

    Island off the east coast of Africa
    Ninth poorest country in the world
    Two thirds of the people live on less than 54p a day
    Nearly 100,000 children under five die each year from illnesses which include malaria, measles and diarrhoea
    Half of children in Madagascar are malnourished
    38 natural disasters in the last 35 years


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