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Last Updated: Monday February 06 2006 09:43 GMT

Should you put your hands up in class?

Children putting their hands up in class
A school in Essex has decided the hands up in class habit has to go.

They think a 'no hands policy will give everyone a fair chance to answer as often the same pupils put their hands up, while shyer classmates are ignored.

So hands up if you get sick of the same people in your class always answering questions.

Do you think putting your hand up is the best way to get your teacher's attention?

What if you don't know the answer and are put on the spot in front of everyone? The Essex school says you can choose a friend to answer for you!

E-mail and let us know.

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Your Comments

Yes we should as it's horrible getting picked on, especially if you don't know the answer!
Sheilagh, 13, Greasby

I think putting your hand up is a good idea, because then the teacher knows that you knew the answer even though he/she may pick someone else to answer.
Kirsty, 12, Karlstad

You should put your hand up in class to show the teacher that you understand and it is respectful.
Callum, 10, Ramsey

I think it's quite silly not to put your hand up. We get in trouble if we shout out at our school. And getting asked on the spot is awful if you don't know the answer, it makes you feel really stupid!
Grace, 12, Inverness

I can't see any harm in trying, although some times, it is annoying when others just shout out the answer. But then it's a bit embarrassing when you're being put on the spot too!
Kelly, 15, Swansea

I think it's a good idea because everyone would otherwise be shouting out and nothing would be taught.
Emma, 10, Hadley Wood

I think it is better to have your hand up because then you're not talking over each other and I don't think anyone likes being asked on the spot, especially if you weren't listening and don't know the answer!
Shannen, 10, Willetton

I disagree. Imagine how you would feel if you were put on the spot and you got the answer wrong. The teacher I had in Year 4 used to do that to me all the time without realising how he was making me feel.
Natasha, 14, Liverpool

I think putting up your hand is polite. That's what I've been taught all my school life and now there saying don't, I don't get it!
Alice, 12, Broadstairs

I am about the only person in my class who puts up my hand, half the teachers have started ignoring me now! It is a good idea this no hands rule.
Tasha, 13, Manchester

I think it is good to put your hand up because it helps people to be polite instead of talking over each other.
Jagruti, 14, Birmingham

Putting your hand up is embarrassing, especially if you get the answer wrong!
Amy, 12, Banbridge

I think it is good that we put our hands up because we can each get separate attention.
George, 10, Ramsbottom

Most of us think the hands up rule should stay but one or two disagree. They think that you could just call out or give a 'lifeline' to someone who is stuck.
Class 4C, 9, Hackbridge

Well, no not really because everyone in the class will get a chance to answer questions and not the same people.
Shelby, 12, Dagenham

The classroom would be chaos! And anyway, being put on the spot is really awful.
Cara, 11, London

I think that putting your hand up is wrong as it is usually the same people that get picked all the time, and if you think you have got the idea when you haven't and don't put your hand up then you are not actually learning anything are you?
Connie, 11, Sparham

I think children should be allowed to put their hands up in class. It shows the teacher who understands the topic and who doesn't. It also increases confidence and prevents shouting out.
Zobia, 10, London

I disagree, when a teacher asks a question they need to see who knows the answer. It's terrible to be picked when you don't know the answer and by putting up your hand it shows you understand what going on in class.
Tarrin, 14, London

Sometimes it is good to have your hand up in class so the every one just doesn't shout out at the same time.
Dylan, 12, Glasgow

We had a vote and we think you should put up your hands.
Class 3TC, 8, Milton Keynes

If you don't raise your hand, you can't share your brilliant ideas!
Christina, 12, USA

I think you shouldn't put your hand up in class. Let the teachers decide. It should give everybody a chance to say what they think.
Emily, 11, Cumbria

In my school we put our hands up but sometimes the teacher picks people who don't have their hands up either because it's a subject we've been doing for ages and we all should know the answer or they just want the student to listen.
Lana, 13, London

Our class has mixed feelings on this policy. Some of us think that it puts pressure on less confident pupils and may cause them to become more shy. Alternatively, some of our class think that it is a good idea as it means all pupils have to be awake! Finally, we thought it would be difficult to stop yourself putting your hand up when asked a question as we have been expected to do it or so long!
Miss Groom's Class, 10, Market Drayton

I agree! I hate putting my hand up and my teacher always leaves my table to last. It's not fair!
Olivia, 11, Aberdeen

I feel putting your hand up is a good way to express your own personal opinion without arguing with everybody. Shy people or people who do not know the answer will feel uncomfortable if they are put on the spot by the teacher.
Ashlyn, 13, Bushbury

I think it's a silly idea. After all the times we're told to put our hands up, we're now being told not to! I think it's important to put up hands and it doesn't lower your confidence as in my school we are put in ability groups with people who know as much as yourself, so you don't feel stupid or shy.
Hamid, 14, London

I think you should put your hand up in class because it controls the pupils and gets them to be quiet and listen.
Jessica, 11, Barnstaple

Today in science class I had my hand up and the teacher said that she wanted to give someone else a chance. I'm not bothered, I think it's just silly.
George, 12, Rotherham

I don't think it matters if you put your hand up or not because I sit at the back in my ICT lesson and I put my hand up and shout out and I still don't get noticed by my teachers. So I end up sitting there and waiting for ages and then I don't get as much work done in the lesson.
Tamsyn, 13, Newquay

I don't see what is wrong with putting your hand up in school.
Patrick, 8, Bangor

I think it's better when students are allowed to put their hands up. If a student doesn't know what the answer is you can't make them answer. Not even by asking a friend because if you do that you look stupid.
Catherine, 12, Hartlepool

I think it is nice to not have kids shouting out but they might want to be creative and do something else instead of raising your hand.
Vanessa, 14, USA

I think that you should put your hand up because if you don't know the answer and the teacher picks you then you would look like a fool!
Rachel, 12, Harpenden

I never put my hand, but not because I don't know. I'm happy enough knowing that I got the answer right without having to be directly told by the teacher! I also think picking another friend to answer is the most stupid thing ever, no one learns anything that way whether they want to or not.
Robert, 13, Byfleet

I think putting your hand up in class is a good thing. It shows your teacher that you understand the work and prevents everyone in the class shouting out.
Hannah, 14, Reading

At my school we put our hands up but sometimes the teacher chooses the people who haven't got their hands up.
Emily, 8, London

Putting your hand up in class is sometimes annoying because the teacher can keep you waiting for a long time and people can shout out what your about to say.
Lewie, 9, Irvine

I'm at this school. Sometimes is a bit of a pain but it does work, but not all the teachers do it.
Sarah, 13, Barking

I think it is the teachers, they just have favourites. We are not all like Hermione Granger!
Lucy, 10, Kenilworth

Hands up should not be banned because getting asked a question will put the pressure on you.
Kenny, 15, Skem

I don't think it is right to pick a student without their hand up because if you don't know the answer the other classmates might laugh at you. So thumbs up for hands up!
Terri-Marie, 15, Leeds

I don't see how this idea will work. If a shy kid is put on the spot and doesn't know the answer it will only damage their confidence.
Katie, 15, Essex

I am sometimes the only one with my hand up and therefore get chosen. I get really annoyed if the teacher ignores me when my hand is up so I'd hate there to be a hands-up ban!
Claire, 12, Whitford

It's stupid children will normally put up there hand if they know the answer and don't want to be put on the spot!
Helena, 11, Lewes

I don't think it is a good idea. If people know the answer they will put their hand up and if they don't, they wont.
Yasmin, 12, Thatcham

I think it is a good idea, but you could get picked on if you always ask a mate!
Jessica, 11, Farnborough

It would be good to do that because it would help people that think they might be teased and it would be fair because everybody would be picked.
Harriet, 9, Wimbledon

I always put my hand up but I feel sorry for my friends who don't.
Aodhan, 8, Belfast

I think that children shouldn't be stopped from putting up there hands because it gives the teachers an overall idea of who understands and also if you don't know the answer it can be embarrassing when you are asked.
Josie, 12, Hertfordshire

Well I think putting your hand up is a good idea because then people don't just shout out. But some people get a bit embarrassed putting their hand up because their shirt might be a bit sweaty!
Claudia, 12, Glasgow

I think it's ok but if the teacher picks someone and they don't know the answer you could be waiting ages to get onto something else.
Rob, 11, Norwich

You should put your hand up in class but if you have to keep putting it up it does get a bit annoying! I think that the teacher should just pick someone without every one putting their hand up!
Charlotte, 12, Fleetwood

I think you should because it is polite and showing respect for the teachers.
Jessica, 11, London

I hate it when I have to put my hand up in class - it's a complete waste of energy and time! The teachers would always pick someone else anyway!
Meera, 11, Birmingham

It's an absolute joke. How about focusing on doing some work instead of worrying about children raising their arms.
Danny, 15, Dagenham

Putting your hand up means that you know the answer. I don't mind if I don't get picked.
Hannah, 12, Paulsgrove

If someone doesn't know the answer and they're asked they would look silly and the teachers might always pick the smart people all the time.
Alyssa, 12, Sidcup

In maths we have a no hands policy. It's not fair when you know the answer and the teacher asks people who don't.
Fij, 11, Preston

In my class they are so noisy that if they don't get to answer the question they shout it out anyway!
Jessica, 12, Essex

I'm always being told to put my hand up in class more, but when I do I hardly get picked!
Rachel, 14, West Sussex

It's really annoying when the teacher ignores you when you put your hand up.
Annabel, 12, Newcastle-under-Lyme

I normally put my hand up more than a lot of people in my class but sometimes when someone shouts out my teacher will accept that answer. But when I shout out she does not take any notice of me. That's not fair!
Summar, 11, Essex

It sounds like a really cool idea because then if someone says something and you have a different or the same opinion you can follow it on instead of having to wait another three or four people before your teacher gets to you, and by then everyone has forgotten what someone else had said!
Rebecca, 12, Milton Keynes

Yes why not? It stops the class room becoming a mad house!
Jobhan, 13, Birmingham

It think that putting your hand up is good as then the teacher knows that you need something.
Kayne, 12, Chislehurst

I think that idea is really bad because the teachers are putting you on the spot. Also if you don't know the answer and you're shy it will be even worse.
Jodie, 13, St. Albans

Of course they should!! It doesn't matter at all if the answer is wrong as long as the teacher knows what you think. After all they can correct you!
Zara, 13, London

In a way yes, but some of my lessons aren't big because I am doing my GCSEs so we are allowed to shout out in lessons like Welsh and French.
Angharad, 14, Wales

It's really annoying when you put your hand up and someone shouts out. Also, everyone is getting tired of putting their hand up and aren't bothering so they should come up with a new system to make other pupils want to join in.
Emma, 12, Warrington

I think it a bad idea because it's good to raise your hands up as some people don't know the answers and like to hear it from others.
Merphin, 13, London

I think it is a stupid idea because the person who has to answer might not know. If you put your hand up though the teacher knows you think you know it.
Peter, 10, Kingston

I think children should put their hands up. If they don't then the shy kids will still be ignored while the others shout out answers!
Sarah, 13, Aberdeen

Putting up my hand annoys me. People just interrupt.
Alex, 12, Fleet

I think it's a bad rule because if you can't put your hand up then how can you ask questions?
Jess, 13, Plymouth

All I have to say is I'm glad I don't go to that school. Teachers always are selective about who they choose regardless of the method they use. Teachers also always tell you to put your hands down because you're not concentrating on what they're saying, but then it's really embarrassing when you can't remember what you were going to say.
Mia, 13, Winchester

Isn't the whole point of the hands up system so that other pupils don't shout out? Can't teachers just realised someone hasn't spoken much and ask them instead?
Alastair, 14, Nottingham

My school has a 'no hands' policy. It encourages people to think about questions instead of relying on others during the lesson. We also use random name selectors so you need to have an answer ready! Teachers don't mind if you don't know the answer though.
Laura, 13, Cramlington

I think you should be aloud to put your hand up because if you know the answer but you might not get chosen.
Emily, 10, Cornwall

I think that schools should ENCOURAGE pupils to put up their hands but if people want to answer the question or not it is their choice.
Lauren, 12, Little Paxton

That's weird because teachers in my school encourage children to put their hand up more because children talk to much!
Reggie, 10, Sparkbrook

I only put my hand up if I'm sure of the answer. If you're not sure and your answer is wrong, people laugh at you.
Paige, 11, Belfast

Well putting up your hand does get annoying!! But I hate it when I have my hand up for the longest and someone just interrupts me!
Elizabeth, 12, Aberdeen

We have to put up our hands up in class. I think it is a lot simpler than something else. The teachers don't like us doing otherwise.
Rachel, 10, Cumbria

If we don't put our hands up we'll never learn anything because there is nothing but shouting.
Claire, 12, Glasgow

Yes, you should put your hands up in class.
Joseph, 11, Ashton-under-Lyne

We have to put our hands up in class and if you don't then everyone else just interrupts and starts shouting.
Dominic, 10, Sheffield

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