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Last Updated: Wednesday February 01 2006 11:52 GMT

UK kids own mountain of gadgets

Boy playing a console
British kids are sitting on a pile of hi-tech gizmos worth a whopping 28 billion, research has shown.

A third of children have electrical entertainment gadgetry worth 2,000, while 10% have kit worth 5,000.

It seems seven out of 10 children have their own TV in their bedroom, while six out of 10 have a games console and more than half have a DVD player.

Nine out of 10 children got the gadgets as presents, while the rest bought them with pocket money or cash from jobs.

It looks like you lot are a lucky bunch, as one in 20 parents admitted their child's room had more valuable stuff in it than any other room in the house!

And, even though your techno-toys are getting even more pricey, only 9% of parents reckons buying them for you is spoiling you.

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