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Last Updated: Monday July 11 2005 07:40 GMT

My school is helping nature

Bird table at Diya's school

Ever wondered what you can do to attract British wildlife to your garden or school grounds?

Press Packer Diya tells us what her school has been doing to get close to nature.

"At my school a group of boys are trying to help British wildlife - in our school field!

They've put together some homes for mice, hedgehogs etc from bits of wood and bark.

Also, they held an awesome cake sale at school to raise money for bird feeders and a bird table.

Helping hand

The programme has been really successful.

Our school grounds are surrounded by trees and bushes and believe me we are really lucky!

It's giving nature a big helping hand, and we have the perfect surroundings for wildlife.

Love nature

But anyone can do it, even if you don't have a garden, you can attract birds.

Even a compost heap can encourage animals to come to you.

As for me, I love nature and it makes me feel proud that my school is helping it. Why don't you give it a go?"

Diya, 9

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