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Last Updated: Saturday July 09 2005 08:58 GMT

I marched against poverty


Loads of people have been marching to Edinburgh in a protest against poverty.

Eleven-year-old Julie was there with her family and in her report she tells us why she thinks it was an important thing to do.

"On Saturday 2 July, I went to a march in Edinburgh to Make Poverty History.

I took loads of posters saying things like FIGHT POVERTY NOT WAR! and DROP THE DEBT!

Special T-shirts

I went to the march with my mum and dad, my two brothers, one of my brother's friends and my aunt.

They all bought T-shirts apart from my mum and dad.

I had already designed my own T-shirt with Make Poverty History written on it.

There were a lot of news reporters and video cameras.

Standing up

When we got out of the park we started to make chants like: "What do we want? AIDS justice! When do we want it? Now!"

I am glad I went to the march, it is really great when you get to stand up for something you think is right.

It's not every day you can do that."

Julie, 11, Scotland

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