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Last Updated: Friday July 08 2005 11:00 GMT

I think Londoners should stick together

Razan, 15, from London set off from home as normal on the day of the London attacks.

She's worried that Muslims will be blamed for the attacks and hopes that everyone in her community will unite against the people who did this, no matter what their religion.

This is her report about what happened to her.

"The bombings in London on 7 July were horrific, sad and absolutely wrong.

My friend and I were going on our way to central London as normal, via Willesden station.

When we got there we checked with the London Underground staff and they said a bomb attack had taken place.


We went to Kilburn station and it was closed, so we then took a bus and I was called by my mum, uncle and cousin from abroad all telling me that if I was on a bus or in central London to get off and go home as soon as possible.

That's what we did and luckily we got home safe.

My other friends were on their way to Aldgate station which had an attack on it as well.

Their train came to a halt and they had to leave.

Innocent people

These attacks are aimed at everybody - innocent lives of all religions and colours.

These kind of terrorist attacks should make the community stronger and not against each other.

Many Muslims will be blamed for this, as people say they are the cause of the bombs, which is unfair because we feel as upset as everyone else and we condemn these attacks very strongly."

Razan, 15, London

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