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Last Updated: Tuesday July 12 2005 10:48 GMT

Your messages for London

Flowers for people harmed in the London blasts
London is starting to recover after being hit by four bombs on Thursday.

What are your messages for the people affected by the attacks?

Perhaps you'd like to show your sympathy, or maybe you'd like to offer support to help people move forward.

E-mail and tell us here.

If you have been affected by the events in London, you can help people understand what's going on by sending in a Press Pack report.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

Your comments

We love you London. We know what you are going through and all of our prayers are with you. It's awful you should go through this. You don't deserve it!
Olivia, 13, USA

These terrorists were hoping to bring London to its knees. They have failed. In times of crisis London is strong. We are not afraid.
Daniel, 13, Enfield

I can't believe it - my brother was in London last week at the same time as it all happened. My next door neighbours' niece's husband got caught up in it and has very bad injuries to his legs. I hope these people get justice and the person who did it gets caught.
Sophie, 15, Cambridge

I think it's an awful thing to do. I don't understand why someone would do such a thing. I really do feel upset for the people affected by this.
Rochelle, 13, Bedfordshire

I am very sorry to all the people who were there in London when the terrorist attack went off. When I heard about it I didn't know what to say because all of the people who died and it was very hard. I just thought myself lucky because it didn't affect me or any of my family. I am very sorry about it all.
Jade, 13, London

I think it is terrible what happened in London!! I feel really angry at the people who have done this but most of all I give my sympathy to the people who have lost family and friends. Whoever did these bombings will be stopped!!!
Megan, 12, Glasgow

I am so proud of you all. Coping like that. Carry on being strong. I know you'll get through it.
Melissa, 14, Coventry

Be strong London. My heart is with you.
Amber, 10, Blackpool

My thoughts go out to the families of loved-ones who are lost.
Karen, Wokingham

I feel so sorry for everyone that has had to suffer this. But the only way forward is to try and get on with life.
Catherine, 11, Colehill

It is vital that people stay strong, I hope that people stay united. I hope that people will be as dignified and as responsible as they can muster to avoid any more violence. May the families of the victims find peace amid these troubled times.
Elsa, 12, London

I'm sure we are all doing our best to help London recover from the bombs.
Eleanor, 10, Peacehaven

I think it is terrible what has happened in London, but we will not be frightened of them.
Sam, 14, Wales

It's tragic that this has happened, but maybe we should be thankful that the death toll was not higher. It's amazing that people who were on the bus survived, and walked away with little injuries. My thoughts go out to the families of the victims, and the people who are missing relatives.
Fran, 13, Ilkley

I hope there won't be any more bombing.
Aparna, London

I think that the bombs were so bad - it has been the talk of my school for a few days now and I feel so sorry for the people.
Sarah, 10, Basingstoke

It was truly tragic. I've never experienced anything like it in my life. I feel so sad for all the people who have died, or were seriously injured, and give my deepest sympathy. I just pray that there are no more attacks.
Orla, 11, London

This was a terrible sight, and we couldn't bear to see the terrible injuries some people had. Hope London and all the people who were in this situation will recover soon.
Alice, 9, Kinghorn

My thoughts and prayers go to all the people who have lost loved ones, and be brave London my heart is with you.
Daniel, 10, Solihull

I hope the victims' families are alright. I am so sorry for your losses over this terrible shock ,and I wish you all the best.
Hannah, 13, Birmingham

I heard about and I thought what a disaster. Stay well and help each other.
Joe, 12, Guernsey

I wish you all the best and I'm so sorry about what happened.
Christian, 10, Bridgend

This attack on London was a such a tragic event which should never happen in again in London or any other city by that matter. My greatest sympathy is with the families and friends of lost loved-ones whose lives were taken away just because they were living their every day lives. RIP those 50 people.
Terri, 13

I am really angry at what has happened and upset at the same time. I feel sorry for the people that have lost family and friends! Most of all, I hope that this is the end of the attacks.
Natasha, 12, Isle Of Man

We are all praying for all the people who lost loved ones and all the people who were injured. The world will unite as one to fight terrorism.
Raisah, 13, Liverpool

I think it is really sad that someone would want to kill people. My thoughts go to all the people who have died and families that have lost loved-ones.
Neve, 12, Keighley

I think that this was a shock and that these bombers did not think about the families, and who they were hurting
Matty, 14, King's Lynn

I just want to say we in America know what you there in England are going through, so just stay strong.
Sean, 15, USA

It's amazing how London has recovered and that makes me proud to be British.
Jo, 12, Tetbury

I feel sorry for all the people who lost their loved-ones.
Rebecca, 14, Essex

People all around the world are thinking of London - we all want to help you move on and recover.
Nicky, 12, Stoke

The bombing of London was a truly awful act of terrorism. But London has remained strong and everyone is thinking of the victims and the injured. I was told whilst at school, me and all my friends were all really worried, it was an awful thing to happen.
Katie, 15, Aylesbury

I think it's great how everyone is helping everyone else to get back on their feet. It will be a long and tiresome road from here on but we can pull though as everyone else has with such attacks.
Megan, 14, Maidstone

People all around the world are thinking of London - we all want to help you move on and recover.
Nicky, 12, Stoke

I think whoever did this should feel very guilty. I was affected by the event. Hopefully everything will continue normally.
Helin, 10, Islington

We were on our last day of school when we heard the news. Everyone was shocked, and many were worried because their parents had business in London that day.
Cyn, 13, Fleet

Me and my mates are scared that the bombing will come to Manchester next and because we live close. We are worried but I don't see the point in bombing - it proves nothing.
Lucy, 13, Macclesfield

We were there on Sunday we were very lucky, I think the Londoners coped very well in the crisis.
Ryan, 12, Spalding

I am really shocked at the bombings, I can't imagine what it would be like to be in London at the moment. I never thought that terrorists would come this close...
Chloe, 11, Leeds

We think that the attacks were dreadful and pointless. What do people get from killing innocent people? We have just had a discussion in our class, and realised that we shouldn't hate all the people in a certain group just because of one person.
Hollz, and Hats, 11, Halifax

It was horrid and I hated it. My Nan was over there!
Keely, 13, Doncaster

I think that it's really bad what happened and I feel sorry for the people that got injured.
Kirst, 12, Enfield

I think it is not fair what has been done to our country and we are now going to have to get back on track with our lives. I'm upset what they have done because I have friends in London.
Sam, 15, Wigan

I was absolutely shocked, devastated and upset when I found out that London had been bombed - all those innocent people dying, it wasn't their fault.
Naz, 14, Birmingham

Who would do such a thing? We've done nothing wrong.
Louise, 14, Durham

I just can't believe it !!!! It is so so sad hearing this awful news. I hope they stay calm and everything is ok. It is really sad - I hope everything is normal again.
Sara, 14, Birmingham

Who on earth could have done something as spiteful as this? I think the emergency services are coping brilliantly and have saved a lot of lives. Well done and thank you.
Lara, 13, St Helens

What has been done by whoever in London was very wrong, but we need to act positive and strong.
Alina, 14, Preston

The bombs were an act of hatred and cruelty to the innocent people who died. The people who did this should be more than ashamed of themselves.
Sarah, 11, Burnley

I was at school in Hammersmith during the attack. There were so many rumours. That Putney had been blown up and the London Oratory which really scared us. The police said we weren't allowed to leave the school without our parents being there and without the police's permission. Some girls had to sleep over in school which was awful. But I'm shocked with what has happened!
Catherine, 12, London

It is shocking that this has happened. Something needs to be done to prevent further incidences occurring. I just want to offer support for all those affected by yesterday's events.
Kate, 14, London

I think it is terrible for people to do such things. Why would you want to try to kill innocent people on purpose? Some people must be really sick. Even though this has had such a terrible impact on the UK and especially London they are already getting over it and I am sure the terrorists will be caught.
Rowan, 12, Birmingham

We were shocked, devastated, and we pray for the people who lost their families, or friends. Even though we haven't personally experienced this, we pray for those who have died, or are ill.
Megan and Connie, 11, Romford

I think it is terrible. I hope they live the rest of their lives in shame! I give all my love to the people who suffered and lost loved ones. I hope the police catch the people who did this so that they can regret it for the rest of their lives.
Leighanne, 13, Newbury

We were very shocked when our school told us that bombs had gone off over London. Many people lost their lives, many saw it happen and many lost their loved ones. We prayed for all these people.
Ciara, 11, Romford

I think this was a really nasty thing to do! The people who are behind this should not get away with it!
Kirsty, 14, Gourock

Who ever did this need to learn a lesson.
Tom, 11, Hingham

This was terrible but I think London handled the situation really well.
Stuart, 11, Stranraer

These people who did this disgust me. Loads of my family live in London. I hope they are alright.
PJ, 15, Bedford

We feel sorry for what happened in London and our class said a prayer for the victims of the terrorist attacks.
Year 5 Model school, 9-10, Carmarthen

We were going on a school trip to London to Skills City. We were so scared, if the bus hadn't been half an hour late we would have been where the attacks were! It's sick and frightening, we feel so sorry for the people that were actually and involved and their families.
Nat and Tasha, 14, Notts

I can't take this any longer, these brutes are killing people and they don't care. To make it worse my Aunt lives in London, she uses that underground train, at least she is fine.
Aimee, 11, Irvine

I think it's really bad. We were all so happy when we found out that England was hosting the Olympic games. But a bomb happened and my teacher was 3 hours late because of the bombs.
Aminah, 9, East London

Yesterday we were in school when we found out, I have never seen so many people worried before in my life. You just never imagine anything like this will happen to us, even though the are warnings. But it really good to see how the Londoners come together at time of need. I'm so proud of the way we have treated the situation!
Cassandra, 14, London

We where in school when it happened. I was shocked - me and my friends where shaking like a leaf.
Angharad, 15, Wales

I was completely shocked about the bombs. Why would anyone want to corrupt London so devastatingly, I just can't see why someone would do something so horrible and barbaric.
Kirsten, 12, Blanefield

I don't know why there was a blast in London but you don't except it to happen in your city. I hope this doesn't happen to another city in our country.
Yasmin, 13, Thornton Heath

The bombing in London was totally out of the blue. London has won the fight to host the Olympics in 2012 and people should be celebrating. This is the greatest disaster since 9-11. You just don't expect it to happen in your country. It's better now that people are focusing on what's going on around then more, but it's tragic that it had to come to these measures to make people see it!
Suzanne, 15, Liverpool

My two best friends live in central London so I was really upset with the news.
Clarice, 12, Stoke on Trent

It was very shocking and we should not let them get away with it. It should stop now.
Jonathan, 14, London

I don't see how people could do such horrible things. This is dreadful.
Tiffany, 11, Norwich

Yesterday was a sickening attack on London. I just don't know why we can't live in peace. Whoever did this are barbaric people.
Maryam, 15, Liverpool

I feel really upset about this!
Janet, 11, Glasgow

My school is in central London. I cant go to school today because the transport has stopped in central London.
Lori, 12, London

I don't see why people want to do such horrible things
Dan, 10, Norwich

My dad works for the London Ambulance Service and did not stop working all day yesterday. All of his friends worked very hard and I am very proud of them.
Ben, 8, London

In school today our deputy head teacher rushed through the hall trying to find the telly. Me and my friends were getting worried. I am very shocked at the moment.
Danielle, 11, Bournemouth

My dad was in London today. It was terrifying. I didn't know if he was dead or alive. Luckily he wasn't hurt but so many others were. It just sickens me to think people would even consider doing this to innocent people.
Vanessa, 13, Manchester

I think this is a horrific attack. There are no words to describe the feelings of those who have lost loved ones. The people who did this have no hearts.
Megan, USA

I live only about 10 miles away from central London, and I am really shocked. It is one of the things you think would never happen here.
Andy, 13

I was really worried and couldn't believe it was happening. Everyone in school was so shocked and the teachers put the TV news up for us to watch to see what was going on - we never dreamed of what we saw on the TV. My thoughts go out to all the families and friends who have someone involved.
Katie, 14

I was really scared as my dad works really near where the bomb exploded
Beth, 11, Bishops Stortford

I think it's terrible! Who would want to harm innocent people?
Kerry, 13, Exeter

What I want to know is why does the world have terrorists? We knew there would be a terrorist attack sooner or later but not this BIG!
Robin, 13, Coventry

I was really shocked at what has happened in London. My heart goes out to all the family and friends of people who were in the blast.
Yasmin, 15, Surrey

Why do they have to attack innocent people? What have they done to deserve this? Surely there has to be an answer, doesn't there?
Labibah, 14, Birmingham

Why do people do this, it makes me feel really sick. I am worried that there will be another bomb even bigger, and that my relatives working in London will be injured.
Charlotte, 13, Kent

I think they should not have bombed London. It was wrong.
Rebecca, 10, Newcastle

We were told today in registration that there had been suspicious attacks in London that may be terrorist attacks. Many of us are worried, especially since Birmingham is the second city next to London. People shouldn't worry but should stay alert of weird looking objects or people acting strangely.
Lauren, 14, Birmingham

This is not called for and whoever did it is inhumane.
David, 10, Tyne and Wear

I hate them!! London is such a nice town and they did it!! They aren't people!!
Olga, 15, Moscow

I was planning to travel to a music exam by tube this morning. Instead my mum dropped me off by car.
Joseph, 12, London

I thought that my dad's girlfriend was in it 'coz she lives in London and it is just round the corner where she is working. I was crying a lot and not sure what to think.
Jessica, 13, Littlehampton

When our class was told everyone burst in to tears and began to ring their parents and see if they were ok. Mine fortunately are fine but I give sympathy to those that have lost family.
Charlotte, 13, Kent

I just can't understand that people do things like this. I really hate the people who did this in London. Now I'm thinking: which country would be the next one? That's so scary. I'm really worried.
Nicole, 14, Holland

It's a worrying time for London and it's very upsetting as I have a friend who lives in London.
Danielle, 14, Doncaster

I think the bombs are terrible. It will not happen again.
Keith, 10, Widnes

I think the bombing was really pointless and it was a really terrible thing! I can't imagine what the people must be going through. I just hope everything turns out ok.
Holly, 14, Heathfield

We think it's terrible and should not have happened. We're concerned for the affected families and feel any suspect should be brought to justice.
Verity and Nicole, 15, Jersey

I think the bombs are terrible. I think the terrorists should be locked up so we can be safe and they don't do it again.
Connor, 11, Widnes

I feel really scared now especially as my family was planning to go to central London on Saturday. Why on earth would anybody want to do this to anyone, anywhere for god sake?
Richard, 14, Basingstoke

It's really out of order. What loser would do this?
Matthew, 11, Hemel Hempstead

We feel so sickened and sorry for all the families that have been affected by this incident, and we are thinking about them.
Emily and Lewis, 11, Whitchurch

How could they do this? My class was meant to go to a show in Regents Park but it was cancelled because of the bombings. And some of my classmates' parents are in London and they are really worried.
Katja, 12, Woodford Bridge

I was in school when I heard the news and I was shocked. I can't believe what's happening in the world today - this latest terrorist attack has left me terrified.
Hannah, 14, Birmingham

This terrible event has shocked us all - many of us at our school have been trying to phone our parents, and contact our loved ones. Don't worry if you can't get through on a mobile, as the networks have limited the amount of callers able to call, so not all calls will go through - just keep trying. Don't worry about how your parents are getting home, they won't have to go on the trains yet until it is safe - the emergency services have seen to that. Again though, we all are feeling for anyone who has a relative or friend who has been injured in the attacks.
Becki, 14

I just can't believe it. It's horrible to think that people are SO selfish to do that for no reason (I hope). I hope people I know and all the other victims are ok and do survive because other wise it will tear the world apart just of a few stupid idiots.
Chloe, 12, Bath

Why attack innocent people? I'm scared it could happen again and hurt someone I know.
Tiernie, 12, London

My dad works in London and wont be able to come home tonight! I really want to know why people do this I don't see the point. It really scares me to think there is people out there who are willing to kill other people. I want all of things like this to stop it's horrible and children shouldn't have to grow up thinking if you can't settle an argument you resolve to terrorism!!
Rebecca, 12, Northampton

I'm scared for my friends and I'm worried but the main thing is not to panic. It's not going to do anyone any good...
Laura, 15, Dublin

I don't understand why they are doing this and I think that it's important that we work together at this terrible time in London.
Leanne, 13, Birmingham

I can't believe it - why London? What have we done wrong for whoever it was who did it? This is unacceptable.
Teri, 14, Thurnscoe

I worry for all of those in London, and I fear for my family and friends' safety. I would like to know which terrorist group did this. On the day of the G8 meeting it could be anti-supporters, but it could also be Al-Qaeda. But I hope no one feels in danger, remember that this has happened before such as the New York and Madrid attacks. London will survive too!
Matthew, 13, Spain

I moved up from London last year and I am really hurt. It is sick how someone could do this. I just hope my friends are safe. I know someone who is stuck in the chaos and they are shocked about what has happened.
Roisin, 12, Glasgow

I am devastated about these terror attacks but I would like to know what Tony Blair is going to do.
Liam, 11, Stanley

When I heard I couldn't believe it, I was really scared because my dad, brother and his mum live in London.
Amber, 13, Norwich

I've just got home - school has closed and I am worried sick, my friends are all staying in school. I feel so insecure.
Sheeraz, 14, London

I was very sad to hear what happened in London. I hope this never happens again.
Josh, 12, Runcorn

I'm scared and fell very sorry for all those people and I don't know why this is happening.
Kurt, 14, Bridgewater

I can't believe that people would want to do something like that. You don't know if they're going to do it again which is worrying!
Caitlin, 13, Manchester

Now I feel scared, I can't understand why anybody would want to do this to anyone, anywhere.
Richard, 13, Basingstoke

It's scary. Why do people do these things?
Bob, 8, London

We can't believe that anything like this would happen in London. We are very worried about how our dads are going to get home.
Mitchell & Edward, 12, St Neots

What I can't understand is why anyone would do such a dreadful thing. London was so happy yesterday and to see the emotions change is awful. I am very angry and upset!
Emily, 12, Kenilworth

I think it is terrible. A day after London is full of joy for winning the 2012 Olympics, it is rocked by these attacks. Words can not describe the horror.
Kirsty, 15, Edinburgh

I feel sick and scared. I can't believe it or understand it.
Max, 12, Birmingham

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