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Last Updated: Thursday July 22 2010 11:20 GMT

What to do if you HATE Harry Potter

Potter book

If you hate Harry Potter then it's probably your worst nightmare when the new films come out.

Everyone seems to be talking about them, and re-reading the books, and you just couldn't care less.

Yes? Then read on.

Us kind folk at Newsround have put together a handy guide of things you can do if you want to avoid the world of Hogwarts for a few days.


Check out what else is on at your local cinema and see a movie that you are interested in. You can find out what's on and film times on the internet or in your local paper. (Just remember to shield your eyes as you pass everyone in wizard costumes in the Potter queue!)


Find out if there's anything going on where you live. You could look in your local paper, which often list events that are happening. Even if you get your mum and dad to take you to a boot sale, you might grab a bargain?


Find out if there's any good sport being shown on TV. Any football matches, F1 or tennis? If there's not any sport you fancy on TV, are there any local games you can go along to? Why not check out your local footie team, or the junior sides?


Is there anyone good playing near you? Again, check the internet or local papers to find out.


What about that book you've been meaning to read for ages? Dig it out and get stuck in.


What music is out this week? You can find out on the internet. Or check the websites of your fave bands and singers to see if they have a new single or album out? Then spend an afternoon with it turned up high in your bedroom!


Is there a film you missed at the cinema but you're dying to see? If it's out on DVD then see if you can watch it.

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Check out what music, movies and books are currently on our Reviews page. If there's one you fancy doing, then send us your review and it could get published on the Newsround website.


If you've got a bit of spare cash, then hit the shops and see what bargains you can find. A bit of retail therapy goes a long way...


Got any friends that hate Harry Potter too? Arrange a get-together and chat about things you all like.