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Last Updated: Friday January 27 2006 19:56 GMT

Battery hens to get false beaks

Chickens like to peck for their food.
Chickens like to peck for their food
Two battery hens are set to be fitted with false beaks to allow them to peck for their food.

Battery hens Beryl and Ginger had their beaks clipped to stop them attacking other birds in the confined space.

Now they have been rehomed at an animal sanctuary in Suffolk, but their disability makes it impossible for them to eat their food.

A dental expert is going to make false beaks to glue on the chickens.

Owner of the Jaybeth Sanctuary Carol Harris said it was quite common for battery chickens to have their beaks cut to prevent them injuring each other.

Miss Harris said: "But these two have had theirs cut particularly short and they can't peck. I have to feed them through a syringe."

She added that she was hopeful the new beaks would solve the problem.

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