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Last Updated: Friday February 12 2010 12:54 GMT

Quiz: Winter Olympics 2010

A Luge practice session in Vancouver ahead of the Winter Games

Question 1

Including the Vancouver Games of 2010, how many Winter Olympics have there been?

A: 17
B: 19
C: 21

Question 2

In what year were the first Winter Olympics held?

A: 1924
B: 1930
C: 1943

Question 3

Who was Britain's only medallist at the Turin Winter Olympics in 2006?

A: David Murdoch - for curling
B: Shelley Rudman - for skeleton
C: Chemmy Alcott - for skiing

Question 4

How many athletes are in Vancouver to compete at the Winter Olympics?

A: About 500
B: About 2,500
C: About 4,000

Question 5

How many people are in the British squad for the Vancouver Games?

A: 31
B: 43
C: 52

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