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Last Updated: Thursday January 26 2006 19:01 GMT

Fair shows off the top new toys

Kenneth Lewis shows off an alien growing kit!
Every single sort of toy you can think of is on display at the annual London Toy Fair - but children under 12 are not allowed!

Jigsaws, board games, cuddly toys, electronic gadgets - you name it - are all there at the huge exhibition and Newsround Online went along for a sneaky look.

The fair is the toy industry showcase, where the newest things are displayed and shopkeepers can see what's going to be hot in 2006.

And as well as masses of toys, visitors get to play with life-size Daleks, get their hands on the FA Cup and eat loads of sweets!

There's more than 250 stands with toymakers from all over the globe, keen to show off their latest products.

One thing that was really out of this world was a grow-your-own alien kit. Due to hit the shops in July, these test tube aliens need to be looked after properly - or their heart light will change colour - and you'll need to go to the alien's website to see what's wrong!

Yum yum - these ants taste delicious!
And when you've grown your glow-in-the-dark alien, then try Plants With Attitude! The kit lets you cultivate meat-eating plants and you can watch while flies are devoured.

If grossness is your thing, then a new game will be right up your street. The Really Wild Bug Eating Party features real crickets, ants, worms and scorpions that you're challenged to EAT!

There's loads of new products from that old friend, the Crazy Frog - mobile accessories, radios, mp3 players and seven different handheld games including Frogaloopa where you can sing along to the Frog's three tunes, record and play it back!

UK world champion Kate shows off her cup stacking skills.
A new craze likely to be in the shops in May is sport stacking, where you make set formations from special upturned cups against the clock.

In America, 10,000 schools have this past-time as a PE option and there's even an annual world sport stacking competition!

Stop police!

One new game was first thought of by Andrew Tucker when he was just 15 - and now it's going on sale - and he's still just 20.

Andrew Tucker and his game, Disqualified.
His game, Disqualified, is for two to five players who race round a road track and can choose to speed - but face being caught by the police, losing points on their driving licence or having a crash!

Some of the old favourites have been improved. There's Super Scrabble on the way in July - with double the number of tiles, a bigger board and the chance to get quadruple word points!

Cup fever

There's an updated version of Monopoly too - and of course, there's set to be a FIFA World Cup edition this year where instead of building hotels and houses, you build stands and stadiums. The usual counters are replaced with a whistle, boot, football, goalie and striker!

Barry Hughes is in goal.
Other World Cup goodies include tiny collectable figures which can actually play football. There's 39 of your favourite footie players to collect, swap and rank.

And of course, special Match Day kits with face paints and body transfers are sure to be popular as England tries to win the cup.

All in all, 2006 looks certain to be a toy-fastic year!