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Last Updated: Thursday July 05 2007 12:39 GMT

Other skiing


It's not all about sliding down mountains and jumping off ramps though, as a number of other events also involve strapping on a pair of skis.

In cross-country events, skiers can race over distances as long as 50km.

There is also an event that combines skiing and shooting called the biathlon.

Competitors ski for a bit - normally for 5km - then fire at some targets, then ski some more and so on. The quickest to finish wins, but time penalties are added for missed shots.

Newer additions to the Winter Olympics are the freestyle events, which mainly involve jumping while on skis.

Moguls see skiers race down a mountain, but during the course they have to get over lots of bumps - called moguls - as well as two big jumps where they have to pull off a spectacular move.

In the aerials, the racing element of the event is removed completely. Instead, skiers launch themselves from a ramp before performing dazzling somersaults to earn marks.

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