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Guides: Winter Olympics

Last Updated: Thursday July 05 2007 12:37 GMT

Ski jumping

A ski jumper

Not for the faint-hearted this one, as competitors strap on a pair of skis, start off down a hill and then shoot off into the ski from a ramp at the bottom.

Then they have to travel as far as they can, look good while doing it, and land - not only in one piece, but also as gracefully as possible.

Points are earned for distance travelled and a series of judges award marks for style too.

There are two lengths of ramp to leap from. One is 90m-long and another a mammoth 120m-long, with jumps as far as 140m and beyond sometimes.

There is also an event called the Nordic combined, where athletes take part in a ski jump before embarking on a cross country ski.

Points won in the ski jump are converted into times to decide the starting positions for the race section.

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