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Last Updated: Thursday January 26 2006 09:45 GMT

We're proud of our school website

Woodland Grange Primary School's website

Pupils at Woodland Grange Primary School are over the moon at beating Nasa to the prize for Yahoo's best educational website of the year.

In their report, pupils Rhya, Paige and Inderpal tell us what makes their website so special.

"We are from Woodland Grange Primary School in Oadby near Leicester and we've just found out that we have been chosen by Yahoo as the best educational internet site of the year!

It has been an exciting couple of weeks.


We first of all learned that we had been short-listed alongside huge sites like Nasa's Mars Rover site and The British Geological Society.

Then the newspapers, radio and television reporters came to school and filmed and interviewed us about how we felt and why we thought our site was good.

Now we have found out that we are indeed the best!


We think our website is brilliant.

We enjoy the games we have on our Playground page. We play them in school and at home.

We like Simon and Pacman the best.

We can also 'blog' our own Class page at school or at home and tell everybody about what we have been doing.

Radio show

Our teachers post messages there too and photos of things we've done or links to other websites for us to use.

Our News page has lots of pictures and reports on all the exciting things we do in school.

And our site even has its own radio broadcast from school you can listen to.

Exciting and bright

At home, our families and friends can share in the things we have done.

Our parents like all the educational games on there.

We think our site is exciting, bright and interesting.

And we are very proud of it."

Rhya, Paige and Inderpal, seven, Woodland Grange Primary School

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