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Last Updated: Wednesday January 25 2006 17:06 GMT

Taking fake tanning lessons

Man lying on a sunbed

Teachers at Sean's school were worried about the increasing number of pupils who were using sunbeds in their lunchbreaks.

Researchers have made a link between using sunbeds and an increased risk of getting skin cancer. And experts say no-one under the age of 16 should use them.

The teachers got a fake tan expert to visit the school and teach pupils the safest way to tan.

Sean, 17, who uses sunbeds himself, tells us what he thought of this slightly unusual class and why he now might rethink how often he uses them.

"I go on a sunbed about three times a week.

A lot of my mates go as well and I think loads of people from our school use them.


I wasn't happy having pale skin and wanted to see what I'd look like with a tan.

I think it's quite addictive once you start.

Tanning lessons at school

We had a lesson at school to show us how to apply fake tan.

Fake tan is a bit like a moisturiser and it looks really easy to use. A couple of girls at our school tried it last week and it looks really professional.

It was a really useful lesson - it's good to know there's a healthier way of getting a tan.

We were also taught about the dangers of using sunbeds by a school nurse.

I think I was probably quite naive about the damage they can do when I first starting using them.

Will boys use it?

I think girls will definitely use the fake tan. I think it might be harder trying to convince boys to use it - it's a bit too similar to using make-up.

I think it would be a good idea to teach this lesson in other schools. It definitely made me think about the damage that we're doing to our skin by using sunbeds.

I don't think I'll be using them as much as I did before."

Sean, 17, Glasgow

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