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Last Updated: Monday July 04 2005 16:25 GMT

I belong to a Masai tribe

Dita with his Masai tribe
Dita belongs to a Masai tribe in Kenya. His village is called Enkereyian.

He lives with his mum, dad and little sister in a hut where they sleep and cook. They have 15 goats.

Here he tells us about his school day and the tribe he belongs to.

"I usually wake up at around 4.00am and prepare to go to school.

We usually don't have to hurry because our school is very near. It's less than one kilometre away but sometimes we have to run because we must not be late.

We usually do five subjects at school and I will do my final exams in November.

I spend the rest of my time at school reading and doing my homework.

Around five o' clock we go back home and help our parents. We go and look after the goats.


In the Masai tribe we have many practices or traditions.

First of all a person has to remove some of the teeth in their lower jaw so that they can be easily identified as a Masai.

Also you should cut the ears because there are many tribes in Kenya. It is how we can tell them apart.

It is also for beauty and also for tradition that a Masai cannot go without this because then he would be regarded as a foolish man."

Dita, 11, Kenya

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