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Last Updated: Friday July 01 2005 16:53 GMT

Should schools have isolation booths?

Isolation booths
A school in Birmingham has set up an isolation room where pupils get sent to when they misbehave.

Pupils would spend eight hours a day for up to three days in there as punishment, and would not be allowed out for breaks.

The school says that results are improving though, since they started the system.

Do you think schools should have isolation booths? Do you think they're a good idea?

Maybe you think this punishment is a bit harsh?

Whatever you think, e-mail and let us know.

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Your comments

I think that isolation rooms are ok for children who are naughty, who disturb the rest of the class, but at our school they put us in isolation just for wearing too many earrings or wearing trainers and silly things like that. Instead of putting us in isolation for things like earrings that doesn't affect our work - or the class, they should be putting pupils in isolation for things like disturbing others in class!!
Lea, 14, Spalding

I think it's bad because most teachers usually catch the wrong student resulting in some pupils ending up in detention and sent to the isolation room when they have not done anything wrong!!!
Sophie, 12, Basingstoke

Isolation might be a good idea but I think 8 hours is just too long for anyone, no matter how badly behaved they are.
Emma, 11, Brookborough

I think it is bad for pupils to be put in the isolation booths because they will not want to go to school anymore.
Jac, 9, Buckley

I think that it's a brilliant idea to have isolation booths in our school and general behaviour is getting much much better.
Ben, 13, Banbury

I think it is bad because 8 hours is a bit harsh. if they were there for 2 hours than that might be ok but 8 - that is a bit OTT.
Chloe, 10, Bristol

We already have isolation in our school where the person in trouble sits outside the headteachers office doing work the whole day. It appears to work and is better than exclusion.
Rabia, 15, Berkshire

In a way these booths are a bit like jail, as they have no freedom and they can't do anything at all. I think its not a good way to punish children as its unfair and cruel, I'm sure they can find better ways of punishment.
Vadz, 14, Walsall

I think that the Isolation Booths aren't a very good idea, because even if you backchat to teachers you might have a good reason, the teacher might be wrong, and it is harsh too. At my school they have LSC (Learning Support Centre) Where people who fight and go over the top on their behaviour stay there, learn, and have fun mostly. There's a radio to keep you entertained, and there are nice teachers. And instead of being trapped in unfresh air, they take you outside after everyone has gone in, and let you have lunch earlier than anyone comes out. I think that if every school had this system, it would work out!
Muna, 12, Birmingham

Our school has got an isolation room and I don't think it works. A lot of people are in there every day and most people that go in there have been in there before.
Stacey, 13, Staffordshire

That's harsh!!! In our school we only get a piece of paper for the teachers to sign if we've been bad!!
Iwan, 12, Caerffili

We already have isolation booths at school, which we've had for about 4 years. They seem to work although I've never been in one. I know that some people are in and out of there frequently though so for some people they are not very effective. They differ for different people.
Emma, 15, Chelmsford

I think it is a really good idea because it will once you go into isolation you won't want to go in a again. at our school you don't go out, don't see your friends and you can be in there for ages. you are treated as a small child.
Megan, 12, London

I think that this is a good idea, as people in my class always disturb us whenever they misbehave, they need to have some time to think. Feeling lonely may encourage them not to do it again.
Amy, 11, Cirencester

I think its a very good idea as it teaches the naughty pupils their lesson and doesn't disrupt others. My school has this system too and it's called the 'S.I.R room' which stands for serious incident room.
Jennifer, 13, Heywood

8 HOURS? That is a bit strict.. I'd say maybe the whole afternoon or something. But on the other hand if it's meant to start making pupils behave then it should be worth a try...
Rizwan, 11, Livingstone

We already have this system in my school except its called internal suspension. I know from seeing those who do get internally suspended that it doesn't work, the only real effect is that it is one step short of a real suspension.
Rob, 14, Sevenoaks

I think it is fair if you have been warned more than five times but less than five is enough for a detention.
Megan, 11, Chessington

I think 8 hours a day in isolation is a bit harsh -couldn't they just miss break times?
Mark, 13, Brent

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