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Last Updated: Thursday June 30 2005 16:27 GMT

Isolation rooms to punish pupils

If you get punished at school you might get a detention or maybe lines, but one school has come up with something new.

A school in Birmingham has come up with something called isolation, where kids who have messed around get sent to do work on their own - for eight hours.

They're not allowed out for breaks, have lunch at their desks and could be there for up to three school days.

Some people think the isolation room is bad for the pupils, but the school says results are improving.

Liam, who had spent time in isolation, said he started behaving, stopped backchatting his teacher and started listening to them, in every lesson.

The school's warning system
C1 - first verbal warning
C2 - second verbal warning
C3 - one hour detention
C4 - sent to isolation room
Before a child is sent to isolation they get three warnings, with a day spent in an isolation booth a last resort.

They said that the troublemakers can make it difficult for other kids to learn in lessons, as well as themselves.

They added that very few kids return to isolation once they have been the first time.

In the past the school had lots of problems and bad marks in exams, but now the kids are getting better results.

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