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Last Updated: Monday July 04 2005 16:25 GMT

I want to be a boxing champion

Mathias trains at a boxing academy in a shanty area of Ghana called Bukom.

Lots of boxing happens there and it is where all the best Ghanaian boxers come from.

In his report he tells us about his love of boxing.

"My hero is Bukom Fire - I like his style of boxing and I really want to fight like him.

I run first thing in the morning for an hour and I train for two hours after school.

Whenever I'm asked by my coach to train, I always go.

I never miss it because to be a good boxer you need to train.


Because I train, my body is strong and I never get sick.

Even if my dad asked me to stop boxing I'd rather leave home and live with my mates - just so I can still keep training.

I know boxing is dangerous and you can get hurt so I listen to my coach. Whatever he tells me to do, I do.

I train hard because I want to be a champion. Then I can buy a house for my father and my mother."

Mathias , 12, Ghana

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