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Last Updated: Saturday July 02 2005 08:11 GMT

G8 leaders should keep promises

African classroom
Steph wants to help school children like these in Africa
The G8 summit will see world leaders coming together to discuss world affairs, including how to help poor countries.

Steph's school has been preparing for the talks in a creative way. She tells us all about it in her report.

"My school has been making 'buddies' to send to the G8 meeting next week.

A 'buddy' is a paper template of a person that we decorate to make it look like a real person.

The idea is to remind the world leaders of their promise to send all primary aged children in all countries to school for free.

Real people

On the T-shirt we have written: "Please send my friend to school and give (name) an education."

I think it is a brilliant idea because millions of people will be making these 'buddies' across the world and it should make a big difference.

Also, because we give the 'buddies' a name of a real person who has a story to tell, it makes it seem that it isn't just a piece of paper but an actual person who needs this education.

Great idea

This 'buddy' idea is a great one because it should remind world leaders of their promise to send children to school.

This is one of the first steps the leaders can take to tackle the problem of poverty in the world."

Steph, 12, Wallasey

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