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Last Updated: Friday July 01 2005 10:15 GMT

I'm worried G8 will leave Edinburgh in a mess

The G8 summit will see world leaders coming together to discuss world affairs, including how to help poor countries.

Kirsty lives in Edinburgh and here she shares her concerns on how the talks will affect the city.

"The G8 Summit is all over the news and the papers.

People are excited about the UK concerts being held in London and Edinburgh.

But has anyone considered the effect the protests may have on the main city they are being held in - Edinburgh?


Protests have been planned for almost an entire week of July in the city centre and it's feared some might turn violent.

What about Edinburgh citizens who want to go into the centre? What about the people who work there? What about the schoolchildren wanting to enjoy the first week of the summer holidays by going shopping or sitting in the gardens?

No-one seems to have thought about the people who live and work in Edinburgh.

Not fair

The Edinburgh council and police will be the ones to tidy up the mess and make sure no-one is hurt.

I think that is unfair as the people of Edinburgh did not ask for this to happen.

I do think the Live 8 concerts are a good idea to raise awareness of the poverty issue, and I understand people feel strongly. However, I hope Edinburgh is not left in a mess, or with people getting hurt."

Kirsty, 15, Edinburgh

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