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Last Updated: Thursday June 30 2005 09:42 GMT

Are you into history?

Thousands of people are expected to gather in Portsmouth to mark the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar.

We want to know if you're into history.

Maybe you're obsessed with a period of time, like Ancient Egypt or the Romans?

Or are you more interested in natural history, like dinosaurs?

Or do you just think history is dull and boring?

Whatever you're into, e-mail and let us know!

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

Your comments

No, I find history quite boring, but maybe that's just the way it's taught. I think people should be concentrating on the future.
Cara, 11, London

Yes! I enjoy learning about the Tudors in England. Henry the VIII and his 6 wives are my favourite topic! But all we do at school is Australian history, and that's boring.
Saphhi, 14, Melbourne

All parts of history are anything but dull and boring. I know I may sound like a nerd, but it's so interesting to see things evolve through time, and to watch humankind progress. When history's message is conveyed in an interesting way, you'll never want to stop learning about it. Remember; today is tomorrow's history, write it well.
Raeesa, 13, Texas

I think history is quite cool but in our school we don't do history a lot so 50/50!
Vincent, 11, London

Everyone says that history is boring but I find it interesting - it'll be cool if the dinosaurs come back to life!
Ahmed, 10, London

I love history! It also enables you to learn about mistakes made in the past and hopefully don't repeat them.
Kate, 14, Townlake

I love History! Ancient is my favourite-Welsh and Celtic and Roman and Scottish. Arthurian legend is really interesting too. Modern History is not as riveting.
Alice, 13, Broadstairs

Although I am American, I adore European history, especially that of the British Isles and other Western countries. I enjoy cultural aspects of history- clothes, music, foods, entertainment, naming practises, etiquette, traditions, etc. I love just about anything from ancient times to around the 1940s-1950s.
Rachel, 14, USA

I love modern history, like the World Wars, and different events in the 20th century. I am fascinated by that!
Andrew, 13, London

History's great if the lessons are fun and interesting. But I think we should do different things. All I seem to do is the Tudors and I don't think I've ever learnt about the Egyptians or Aztecs or Romans.
Zoe, 13, Skipton

The only history I like is the Tudors and I also like World War Two but the most interesting history is 80's music!
Vanessa, 10, Orpington

I took history for one of my subjects for GCSE and it's quite interesting, we're doing development in medicine, Germany 1918-1945 and coursework on castles on the conflicts in Northern Ireland. But I think the two World Wars and the Tudors are the most interesting!
Nicola, 15, Wednesbury

Nope. Well I think the Ancient Egyptians are quite interesting but I'm more into science then history.
Alice, 11, Nottingham

I love the Ancient Egyptians!!! They are soooo fascinating with that whole mummy thing. We did it in Yr 4 and now I'm about to leave Yr 6 and I still remember some information.
Heloise, 11, Beckenham

I love history, but not in school. How does my history teacher manage to make it soooooooo boring?
Mia, 13, Wales

I love it! In Primary School it was really boring but now in Secondary we learn more about the politics and stuff of History. I'm doing it for GCSE and I love it.
Sian, 14, Leicester

I love history! I'm considering doing history at University at the moment- and also love things like Latin and Classical Civilisations- I prefer learning about Ancient Civilisations and well as life in Mediaeval times.
Rachael, 15, London

I am doing history GCSE and it is really interesting but remembering dates and people's names are the hardest when it come to exams!
Charlotte, 15, Cambridge

I don't like history because we are always doing the Tudors. I would probably enjoy it if we learned about tribes like the Aztecs.
Elly, 13, Glasbury

I find most history subjects quite fascinating and interesting to be honest! It is important because it gives you the opportunity to glance back in time and what things were like back in the middle ages etc!
Laurie, 15, Birkhill

I'm really into modern world history, especially World War 1. I've visited the battlefields, and it really drove it home.
Lora, 15, Cornwall

I do not really enjoy and like history, partly because of my teacher at school. Also, I don't know much by way of general knowledge of it. Thank goodness I'm dropping it next year!
Tom, 14, Reading

I am interested in inventions and how they compare to today's technology. that's the only history I'm interested in really
Simon, 14, Birmingham

I'm not really interested in history in general as I see it as that it's now happened and we can't change it, which is why I didn't take History GCSE! Although I am interested in history of things such as Man Utd and the history of music.
Nicky, 15, Handforth

Yes, I think it's really important to learn about the past and what others have done for the future generations. I prefer things like the Tudors and the Second World War instead of dinosaurs which seem kind of boring.
Sabeeta, 13, Bradford

I love history and every one thinks I am weird! I'd love to know what happened before I was born!
Jobhan, 13, Birmingham

I'm very fascinated with the Victorian age. I have loads of books on it.
Louise, 14, Glasgow

History is really important. Everything in the past reflects on how the world is today and I can't see how it isn't interesting! The most important bits in history are WWI and WWII in my opinion
Lavanja, 13, Kent

I really like history. I like finding out new things and it's really exciting - you can discover loads of things.
Kelsi, 10, England

I like ancient history, but frankly anything after gunpowder is dull, it's all treaties, dates and shooting people...
Emily, 15, Kent

Some topics in history are more interesting than others. British history is fascinating, its monarchy in particular. We are lucky to live in a country with such a rich historical heritage, and we shouldn't take it for granted.
Stuart, 14, Fife

I love history! Everyone mostly thinks it is boring but I think that it is important to know about the past than the present.
Rizwan, 11, Livingstone

I'm not too keen on history lessons in class, but I'm more interested in the history of music. It's really interesting to see how music has changed and developed over time.
Matt, 14, Ware

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