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Last Updated: Tuesday June 28 2005 10:26 GMT

Quiz: Battle Of Trafalgar

Try our Trafalgar quiz

Question 1

When did the Battle Of Trafalgar take place?

A: 1705
B: 1805
C: 1905

Question 2

The battle took place off the Cape Of Trafalgar. Where is that?

A: Italy
B: Cyprus
C: Spain

Question 3

Admiral Nelson was in charge of the Royal Navy's forces. What was his first name?

A: Charles
B: Horatio
C: Augustus

Question 4

The Royal Navy was fighting forces from which countries?

A: France and Spain
B: Russia and Germany
C: Italy and Austria

Question 5

What message did Nelson send to his men at the start of the battle?

A: England expects that every man will do his duty
B: Engage the enemy more closely
C: Once more unto the breach

Question 6

In which city is Trafalgar Square, where the memorial Nelson's Column is located?

A: London
B: Manchester
C: Birmingham

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