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Last Updated: Tuesday June 28 2005 18:29 GMT

Should there be more creative writing in school?

Get writing
The Poet Laureate Andrew Motion says that he's disappointed more time isn't set aside at school for poetry and creative writing.

Do you reckon there should be more creative writing in school? How much do you do now?

Do you enjoy writing stories and poems or do you dread having to do it in class?

E-mail and tell us what you think.

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Your comments

NO! NO! NO! I hate writing at school it's so boring and it hurts our hands. Why should we have to do all the writing and the teachers sit around all day!
Rhiannon, 12, Belverdere

Once you have to get down to the serious exam stuff, all the fun of creative writing goes out of the window.
Natalie, 15, Lincoln

Last year in English we wrote loads of stories and essays and I loved it, but this year we have only written one piece of creative writing which I think is really bad, because I love creative writing!
Renu, 14, Halifax

No. I hate writing in school. If they want to do that they should at least brighten up the classrooms to give us some inspiration. How can you write creatively in a boring class?
Jay, 14, Scotland

I think we don't get enough! The teachers pick for you and they don't encourage you.
Katherine, 12, Livingstone

We already do loads of creative writing, in fact, we do too much!
Kay, 13, London

I love creative writing, but no one else I know really likes it so I doubt it would be very popular.
Cara, 11, London

I think we should be able to do more creative writing and poetry because it's a way to get us to learn how to improve our writing and spelling.
Rebecca, 15, Camberley

In my school all we do for English is punctuation and reading. I think creativity is the most important thing in school.
Marina, 12, Stockport

I don't mind as long as there is no maths!
Gemma, 9, Liverpool

Definitely! All we do in English is analyze texts from books we don't like! Creative writing lets us find a style we like and make it suite our personality and makes English your own!
Louise, 13, Solihull

We definitely need to do MORE creative writing! I love writing poetry and stories, but we never get a chance to do it in school and show our teachers what we can do. MORE MORE MORE!
Ailish, 13, Northallerton

I hate creative writing it bores me dead.
Rachel, 12, Birmingham

I really enjoy creative writing, and luckily our school does a lot of it. But unfortunately next year I start my GCSE's so we probably won't do as much..
Martha, 13, Bath

We never get creative writing. We should just be allowed to sometimes write whatever we like: story, poem, whatever.
Sophie, 13, Basingstoke

I hate creative writing as I hate English! I can't write a story without any help! We do creative writing about five to six times a year in secondary school! I am glad we don't do any more as I hate English!
Jobhan, 13, Birmingham

I really enjoy writing stories and do it all the time anyway, in my own leisure time! Still, we hardly EVER do creative writing in school, but if you did creative writing ALL the time, even I would begin to find it a bit boring!
Heather, 13, Hoghton

We get to do creative writing about every two months. It is really bad because a lot of us love creative writing. We should do it MUCH more.
David, 12, Fife

We hardly do any!
Jasminy, 12, Aberdeen

I think schools should have more creative writing because most children like to be creative and write down their ideas.
Rebecca, 7, Larkfield

No, I don't think we need more creative writing in school. I don't like that kind of lessons.
Jottum, 14, London

In my school we have creative writing for about 45 minutes a day, but sometimes my teacher gives us assignments and we have to do those first. I do think that we should have more time to write whatever we want.
Mollie, 9 Las Vegas

Definitely I love writing poems and stories. We only spent 2 weeks on it all this term doing them.
Lolly, 13, Allestree

In primary school I had creative writing once a week for an hour. We had to write a story and finish it for homework. I never did it once I hate creative writing.
Rosie, 15, Didcot

Very little time was spent on creative writing at my old school, which annoyed me as I love writing. But at my new school, we are always writing poems and stories, and at the moment, we have studied and now are making our own sonnets.
Sophie, 14, East Sussex

I think we get enough creative writing in school. If there was any more it would just be silly!!
Georgia, 12, Binley

I think there should be more creative writing in school because it lets children feel free to express their real feelings.
Casey, 15, Nottingham

Definitely! I love writing but in English lessons they don't try to encourage you.
Chantal, 14, Sevenoaks

We have creative writing once a week for an hour. I don't think it's enough time for me to get very creative. By the time I really get into it, the class is over!
Angela, 12, Reading

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