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Last Updated: Monday January 23 2006 10:58 GMT

Bird flu won't put me off birds!


There are nature reserves and parks all over the country.

Many of them have young wildlife watch clubs which you can join to learn more about your environment.

In her report Jassie tells us about the work she does with birds and why she isn't put off by bird flu.

"My name is Jassie and I volunteer at the Wildlife Watch Club in London.

I like the club because we get to learn and study all about birds and other animals.

We write and draw about what we see in parks and overgrown places.

We also grow plants and trees.

Why is it important?

I think that more children should go to wildlife clubs.

It's important that children understand about how animals live and react to nature and other animals.

I like learning about birds because there's so much to learn about how they live.

I also like identifying them.

What about bird flu?

Even though I'm in quite close contact with birds, I am not worried about having or being infected by bird flu, for two reasons:

1) If I see a dead bird I know there's only a small chance that the bird has been affected with bird flu.

2) Even if I thought the bird had bird flu I know not to touch it and that I need to tell an adult immediately.

Don't be scared off!

People shouldn't stop going to their local parks and reservoirs.

Experts say there's no evidence as yet to suggest that bird flu could reach the UK from migratory birds from Turkey.

So everyone should also carry on feeding the birds in their garden too, especially at this time of the year!"

Jassie, 12, London

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