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Last Updated: Wednesday January 25 2006 18:00 GMT

Pupils get lesson on fake tanning

Pupil learns how to use fake tan
A school in Scotland has given its pupils a lesson in how to apply fake tan after concerns over its students using sunbeds in their lunch hour.

A fake tan expert visited Thomas Muir High School in Glasgow to demonstrate the safest way to tan and talked to pupils about the danger of sunbeds.

Almost half the boys and girls at the school admitted to using sunbeds and some even started as young as thirteen.

Research shows that using sunbeds can increase the risk of skin cancer.

Sunbed facts
There are nearly 70,000 new cases of skin cancer every year
One of the main causes of skin cancer is damage by UV rays
Sunbeds use UV rays to tan the skin
The alarm was raised over pupils putting their health at risk after a teacher noticed that more and more pupils were using sunbeds.

The teacher told the school nurse who decided to bring in the fake tan expert to offer pupils an alternative way of getting a healthy glow.

The UK sunbed association's voluntary code says no-one under 16 should be allowed to use a sunbed and lots of salons now ask for ID.

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