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Last Updated: Tuesday January 17 2006 15:35 GMT

School battles for best web award

Woodland Grange's website

A primary school in Leicestershire has been shortlisted in a competition to find the world's best website.

The Woodland Wide Web has been run by pupils and staff at Woodland Grange Primary in Oadby since 2002.

The school's homepage is competing against the likes of Nasa's Mars Rover site, a nature site and the British Geological Survey. The award is in the education category.

The winning site will be announced on 25 January.

Really nice

Woodland Grange's deputy head, Richard Smyton, said it was "really nice" their site was noticed amongst other big sites that spend a lot of money making them.

The site had been praised by competition organisers Yahoo! for being packed full of information, resources, puzzles and games.

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