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Last Updated: Monday June 27 2005 07:44 GMT

Dog poo makes me barking mad

It's National Poop Scoop Week and the Dogs Trust want pet owners to clean up after their mucky pups.

Press Packer Maddie tells us why she thinks everyone should carry a poop scoop.

"This week is National Poop Scoop Week and I want to tell everyone why they should pick up their dog's poo when they go out in public.

Although I don't own a dog, my grandpa has two lovely dogs, Freddy and Tasha.

They need lots of exercise and my grandpa and I take them for long walks early in the morning and again in the evening.

We always pick up Freddy and Tasha's poo. However, some people don't and it means the lovely parks and beaches where people sit, eat and play have lots of dog poo in them.

Carrier bag will do

It is helpful to pick up your dog's poo when you go out in public to be considerate of the environment and other people.

You can use a poop scoop or an old carrier bag.

You just put your hand in the bag like a big glove and then pick up the poo. Then you pull the bag around it so it's inside out and the poo is inside.

You just need to tie the bag in a knot and put it in a dog waste or rubbish bin.

Celeb poop scoopers

If celebrities like Billie Piper and Sienna Miller can do it I don't understand why other people can't.

You could even end up being fined 1000 if you forget!

I love being outside with my grandpa's dogs and if more people picked up their dog's poo then it would be even nicer."

Maddie, 11, London

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