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Last Updated: Tuesday June 07 2005 15:36 GMT

Arguments in favour of wind farms

Wind farm
The government, many environmental groups and others say that developing wind farms in the UK is important because they:

Points in favour

  • Provide a renewable energy source: Once they have been put up, turbines provide a clean source of energy with no pollution and no waste products.

  • Have a small footprint: The base of a turbine occupies only a small area and farmers can still cultivate the land around them.

  • Are easy to decommission: When a turbine reaches the end of its life, or has been replaced by more advanced technology, it is easy to dismantle without harming the environment.

  • Will create jobs: If new wind farms are established on land and offshore then a manufacturing, installation and maintenance industry will also be created. This could bring a new source of employment to rural areas as the sites are often remote.

  • Can be built offshore: New technology allows wind farms to be built off the coast and beyond the horizon line meaning that they are not visible from the shore.