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Last Updated: Monday January 16 2006 10:04 GMT

My Luna audition experience!


Thousands of young acting hopefuls gathered in London to audition for the part of Luna Lovegood - who will appear in the next Harry Potter film.

Fourteen-year-old Elly was one of them and in her report she tells us what her day was like and how she found the whole experience.

"My friends heard about the audition on Newsround and recommended I should go for it because Luna is a bit nerdy and weird like me!

I'm grateful they told me.

I had never been to anything like this before but I had seen film premieres and things and they all seemed really exciting.

Long wait

Some of my friends had been to auditions before and so told me what to expect, so I knew not to get my hopes up.

I wasn't very nervous - just a bit cold!

We took stools and magazines with us so we had something to do while we waited.

And we wore warm clothes although it was difficult to decide what to wear.


I did a bit of research beforehand.

I've read the books and my friends found artist impressions of Luna on the Internet.

I was a bit more nervous as I don't look visually similar to the book's description of Luna Lovegood.

We got to the queue for 7.00am and were lucky in that we were let in fairly quickly at 10.15am.

A group of about 50 of us were called in together.

Anxious parents

We had to fill in an application form but were only in there for two minutes.

Each of us stated our name and where we came from.

Five or six girls were asked to stay behind and the rest of us went.

Loads of anxious parents were waiting by the back door but no-one was crying in my group.

I was a bit shocked that they were only taking pictures of some people.

Great experience

But it was a positive experience and I'm glad I went as otherwise I would have felt 'what if....'

I would do it again if I was more suited to the character but I would try to pay for myself instead of my parents having to.

The whole casting experience was really quick, but the trip was fantastic and we met some great people whilst freezing in the queue!"

Elly, 14, Birmingham

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