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Last Updated: Monday June 06 2005 16:27 GMT

The Press Pack Club has launched!

Press Pack site
The homepage of the Press Pack site
Ever wondered what it takes to make a great reporter? Well now you can find out for yourself.

Newsround has launched a brand new Press Pack Club website which is packed with games and interactive quizzes all about the exciting world of journalism.

The aim is to give you the skills to produce fantastic reports - for the web, TV or radio.

The club is free and full of very special competitions, like spending the day in charge of the Newsround team!

Press Pack site
The Top Floor of the Press Pack

With every learning activity you do on the new site, you can earn Press Pack points.

You get one point for every game you play, 50 points for passing tutorials and a maximum of 100 points if you send in a report you've written.

Top Floor

Once you have 1,000 points you can gain access to the exclusive Top Floor of the site where there are even more competitions, games and interactive activities to help you become a young journalist.

Press Pack site
This is the 'Telling a story with interviews' tutorial game
You can also personalise your own Press Pack room, create your own mini-reporter, and you'll be assigned a virtual editor who'll help turn you into a top correspondent.

Each week the site will have new projects, competitions and ideas to get you started in a career in journalism.

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