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Last Updated: Monday January 16 2006 17:59 GMT

Brits 'need a day of celebration'

Gordon Brown
Britons should have a special day to celebrate being British, according to our Chancellor Gordon Brown.

He said in a speech in London that people should feel proud to "embrace the Union flag".

Mr Brown also said he thought that promoting a national identity had become even more important since the London bombings last summer.

Countries such as the USA already celebrate the Fourth of July, and the French have Bastille Day.

Last year Britain introduced a special service for those people who want to become British.

They now have to attend a ceremony where they sing the national anthem and promise to be faithful to the Queen.

What do you think 'being British means'? And do you agree with the idea of a special day to celebrate our country?

Your comments

I don't think we do enough to celebrate St George's day. Some school in Wales and Scotland do special events on their saint's days. Why don't we?
Charlotte, 11, Leicestershire

I think we should have a special day so we can have more time off school!
Rachael, 13, Caerphilly

I think it's a great idea! We really should be proud about us being British and it will be good fun! The Americans and the French do it, why can't we?
Mollie, 13, Spain

Being British is about fish and chips, rain, muddy fields, Michael Caine, England football team, the Queen, black taxis, English Channel, Harry Potter, Only Fools and Horses, and many more.
Alex, 13, Epsom

I think it's really good to have a day devoted to 'Britishness' because it's nice to show our national identity, and to believe in Britain.
Emily, 14, Monmouth

We celebrate being British everyday so it shouldn't just be one day.
Jodie, 15, Bradford

Don't we already have days like that? I mean, what are the Patron Saint's days for? I love St David's day, we get to do tons of stuff to celebrate being Welsh so we don't really need to celebrate being British too.
Emily, 11, Cardiff

I think we should celebrate St George's Day because my mum is Irish and my dad's birthday is on St Patrick's Day. We always go to London for St Patrick's and the streets are packed, but if you go there on St George's day it's just normal, a few England flags but that's about it.
Caitlin, 11, Addiscombe

I think it's a great idea. I'd love to spend a day loving who I am and my country. It's great to be British, so why not celebrate it!
Izzy, 13, Manchester

We are British so why not celebrate it? I think it's an amazing idea and I don't know why someone didn't think of it sooner!
Ruth, 14, Brighton

There are lots of reasons to be proud of being British but there's just one thing that's not so good - the weather!
Katie, 11, Bradford

Who CARES about the rest of the world? For all these years, British have been happy just having the regular holidays. Just because USA and France have their days, the British don't have to start having more pointless holidays for the heck of it!
Nuala, 11, Scotland

I think it's a great idea! America has loads of holidays and I want to be patriotic. Being British is all about the Queen, fish and chips, rain and queuing! I'm British and proud!
Sally, 15, Wirral

I have been British for a year now and I love Britain more than Iraq now because of the peace here.
Mohammed, 13, Birmingham

I don't agree that knowing the national anthem makes a person British. Many people who have lived in Britain all their life do not know it. I agree with the idea of a special day though - any chance for a day off school is appreciated!!!
Emily, 15, Reading

Fish and chips make me feel British
Ahsin, 14, Leicester

I think we should celebrate on St. George's day like the Irish celebrate on St. Patrick's Day.
Lydia 14, Cambridge

Why do we copy everything America does? We should think of something different than what the US.
Charlotte, 11, Peacehaven

I love been British!
Annie, 15, Hartlepool

I think it's a great idea, like an American Independence Day.
Fiona, 11, Hull

Being British is all about being proud of your country and for all the things it has done, such as discovering America helping out in the World Wars and discovering that world isn't flat. So let's have a celebration for Briton on 5 June so we can celebrate it at school as well!
Alexander, 13, Newcastle

I think that we should have a British weekend not just a day because a day is not enough time to think about all of British history!
Rose, 12, Sheffield

I don't agree that we should have a day celebrating Britain - patriotism shouldn't be forced on people who live in the country. It's a terrible idea!
Jessica, 16, Manchester

Being British means lots of different things. I think we are so diverse and have so many different people in our country and that is what makes us British, being different.
Vicky, 15, Southampton

The weather makes me feel British!
Jonny, 13, Stockport

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