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Last Updated: Monday January 16 2006 18:17 GMT

Huge Luna turnout thrills studio

Hopefuls queue to see casting directors
Harry Potter film bosses say they are delighted with the number of people who turned up to the Luna Lovegood open casting held in London.

People started queuing at 11pm on Friday night, and the last girls were seen at about 5pm on Saturday.

Casting director Fiona Weir told Newsround: "It's been an amazing day. We think we've seen in excess of 15,000 people, which is incredible."

She also thanked everyone who had come along for being so patient.

Girls who Ms Weir's interested in auditioning further will be contacted within the next two weeks.

The girl who does win the role of Luna will start filming sometime in February.

Early start

First in the queue to meet the production team was Kim, 15, from Andover, who took her place at 11pm on Friday.

"There are three of us and we slept outside although we didn't sleep very well," said Kim.

"I've done drama lessons but that's about it but I have loved acting ever since I was younger and I'm mad about Harry Potter.

Rosie, 13, from Fulham chatted to Newsround while she was waiting in the queue. She said: "I'm really really excited but I'm cold. I came for the experience."

And after her audition Maddi, 14, from Essex texted Newsround saying: "When I was in the room for the audition it was quite nerve-wracking even though we only had to say our name! I didn't get through."

Good humour

Vanessa Davies, a spokesperson for the Harry Potter production team told Newsround she thought the casting was going really well.

She said: "We appreciate it is very heartbreaking if you are not successful and we particularly have sympathy for those who have travelled a long way to get here.

"It's great to see the queue is in very good humour"

Dreamy quality

The producers say the girl they are looking for to play Luna Lovegood must have an "other worldly quality".

The Hogwarts pupil often appears to be dreamy, tucks a wand behind her ear and is known for wearing radishes as earrings and a butterbeer cork necklace.

Did you go to the Luna auditions? Or are you there now? What was it like? And how do you rate your chances?

Your comments

I was in the queue for 5 and a half hours! And then they didn't pick a single girl from my line!
Amy, 13, Cardiff

Oh my goodness! I didn't get through but it was a wonderful chance to just be there with everyone who wanted to be Luna like me! Maybe while I was there I met a future movie star!
Barbara, 15, Essex

My friend and I went to the auditions today, we arrived around 7:45 and got in about 11:30. When we got into the actual building, it was really disorganised and I think it was unfair because they choose people that didn't look anything like how Luna was described in the book! Also there was a lot of queue jumping, which was annoying, but it was great fun and I'm glad I went as it was a good experience.
Emma, 13, Kent

I went to the Luna auditions. I woke up at 5am and got there at bang on 8am. I was amazed to see thousands of girls there already! I had never seen a queue this big before (I thought that my school canteen queue was big!!). I queued in the cold for four hours then went in. I didn't get the part but I just really went for the experience.
Jessica, 13, Peterborough

It was a complete waste of time. I queued for more than 3 hours in the freezing cold and I was feeling ill. All of that bother just to go into a room to say my name and where I come from!!! Absolutely ridiculous. They said the person has to have an other-worldly quality -were they looking for an ET lookalike??? I think they have already picked the girl and just did this for a publicity stunt for the next film!
Lexie, 13, Elstree

We queued for 5 hours and they DIDN'T just choose blonde hair girls. I got in and I have brown hair but I doubt they'll call all of us!!
Hannah, 14, Cambridge

After standing in the freezing cold queue for 4 hours, it took all of 2 minutes to be rejected. Out of the 40, they picked 2, who weren't blue eyed and blonde haired, but actually dark haired and brown eyed, of ethnic origin! Overall it was a cold but fun day.
Charlotte, 15, Coldwaltham

When I arrived in London at about 7:30 am the queue was already miles long! I didn't get through but I had a lot of fun waiting, even though it was cold! The experience has just encouraged me to keep on trying! good luck to any1 who got through!
Becky, 14, Reading

I waited there for 5 hours!! it was soooo cold but me and my mate had a laugh, none of us got through, which was annoying, but good luck o whoever got the part.
Nikki, 15, Essex

Me and my friend queued for 4 hours, and by the end of it I couldn't feel my legs! It was a really good experience though, event though I didn't get cast; but I'm still trying for auditions!
Amira, 14, Abingdon

We queued for about four hours! Two of our friends got in, one of which we had only met in the line an hour in to waiting. Even though we didn't get in we are so happy for our friends. We also met Lizo!
Em, Jess and Luci, 14, Cambridge

Queued for hours and rejected in seconds...kind of worthless really. But good experience and I got to meet Lizo! You'll see me on the silver screen in no time as this hasn't stopped me!
Kelsey, 16, Berks

We queued for four hours! Me and my friend were about to go in but she was not allowed because she was only 12. I got in and it was so fun.
Ciara, 13, London

I got there at 7am and it was freezing cold. I had to wait for hours, it was a good laugh though and...I got through!!
Leia, 13, Formby

Me and three friends arrived at about 7.15 and we were seen by that Fiona casting woman. It was a complete waste of time, there was only one girl in my group who went through and she looked gothic and had brown hair.
Emma, 14, London

I got the train at 7am and arrived at the queue at 8:45 - by then there were already thousands of people there. The lines just went on forever! There were so many camera crews and all you saw were thousands of girls screaming and it was sooooooo not worth it.
Ana, 13, Kent

It wasn't as cold as I had expected! We got there at 6.45. Everyone told us to wrap up warm, but in fact we were boiling! None of my friends got in, but I think it is a bit mean that only one or two out of 50 or so get in. Plus they know nothing about us or our acting skills. They just picked the loudest and most muddy-blonde haired like Luna.
Claire, 14, Maidenhead

My friend got her picture taken. They said they'd phone her in the next few weeks if they decided she could come back for the proper audition! So, I hope she gets the chance to go back as she has the right personality to play Luna.
Michelle, 15, Prenton

I got up at 5:45 this morning and went with two friends. The queue was enormous! It's not true they only pick people with blonde hair and blue eyes, I have light brown hair and greeny-grey eyes and I got through!
Alice, 13, Billericay

It felt like we were being herded through like sheep inside the casting building, and I was really disappointed. After queuing for hours it took two minutes to kill hopes of auditioning because all we did was say our name. That doesn't exactly show a lot. Only the girls with different hairstyles or blonde hair and blue eyes got picked, or at least, that's how it felt.
Cat, 14, Guildford

I arrived at 5.35am and queued for over four hours. I got interviewed on the radio which was fun. But I never got through to the next round - it won't stop me trying another time!
Rebecca, 14, Hornchurch

I was at the Luna castings and didn't get the part. It is really hard for the casting directors to pick one girl out of sooooo many. The queue went on for miles but it was definitely worth the experience. Good luck to those still in line (because with the amount of people I saw there they will still be queuing!).
Gemma, 16, Stevenage

It was a great experience and I really enjoyed myself. Although I didn't get through I met some new people and saw Lizo! We got there at 7.00 and by 8am there were thousands of people, the queue was never ending!
Laura, 15, Essex

I went to the audition and I got through the first bit and I really really really hope they call me back!
Robyn, 13, London

The casting people came to my school last term looking for Luna and they did the same kind of thing as the auditions in London. I didn't get through but most of my friends did. They had their photo taken and had to fill out a form for the directors.
Ellie, 16, Stamford

I queued for seven hours and they didn't let me in because I am a month under 13!
Clemmie, 12, London

I met some fantastic people, we arrived around midnight and had no sleep but lots of fun!
Alice, 13, Chester

I arrived at the auditions at 7.30 and got in at about 10 o'clock. I didn't get cast but after the auditions me and my dad went to look at the queue and it was massive! I'm glad I got there early! It was a great experience.
Vicky, 14, Cambridgeshire

I went with two friends at 7.30 am and waited for two hours. I'm not upset about not getting through a girl I thought was perfect didn't get through either!
Becky, 14, London

I was queuing from 8.30 and got in at 2pm! We all had to stand in a circle and say our name. But I was not chosen - maybe next time!
Jess, 13, Coventry

I went to support my friend. I couldn't believe how many people were there! My friend didn't get it but I wouldn't mind queuing again!
Laura, 12, Hertfordshire

We're having a picnic on the sidewalk as we wait!
Jess, 13, Basingstoke

There are lots of people here and it's cold and the queue is long! We're drinking coffee to keep warm!
Molly, 13, Surrey

I've been waiting in this queue for two hours and I'm having an amazing time even though it's freezing cold!
Liz, 13, Wolverhampton

We're having a picnic on the sidewalk as we wait!
Jess, 13, Basingstoke

I'm in queue for Harry Potter with my friend. It is really boring and really long.
Nicola, Norbury

I went to the auditions, it wasn't that cold and me and my m8 made it a laugh so time went quickly. I'm a bit disappointed I didn't get in but fair is fair. If I don't look like the part there's no point in them picking me. Plus I got to see Lizo from Newsround and that was fun.
Amelia, 15, Bromley

The experience made you feel worthless as after queuing for hours it only took seconds to be rejected. They only picked people with blonde hair and blue eyes. It was about looks not talent!
Alicia, 13, London

I'm really disappointed as it was just an appearance. We waited for ages in the queue just to stand and say our name.
Tosin, 13, London

We had to wait for ages and then when we got in it was really unorganised. We didn't get through and we're disappointed.
Anna, Lucy and Becky, Epsom

We've been waiting since 6:30 in the freezing cold. But it was quite disappointing that I didn't get in. But it was a fun experience!
Charita, 13, Rochford

It was my first audition and I was very nervous.
Cherie, 13, London

When I got there at 7.30 the queue was already massive - I was gobsmacked!
Abbie, 14, Wimbledon

I felt a mixture of excitement and nerves. I think Luna is a seriously underrated character and I think I could bring the character out!
Alia, 14, Wimbledon

I wish I had come earlier although I arrived at 7.15!
Maddie,14, Essex

I got up too early! This is my first time at a casting but I'm not nervous - just cold! I thought the experience was great even if I didn't get it. I'll be back for next time though!
Chanelle, 14, Swindon

I was a bit nervous as it's my first film audition but I'm very excited!
Louise, 15, London

I woke up at 5 am and arrived at 7 am. It's my first audition but I do stuff at a theatre school. I sooooo want to be in a Harry Potter film and Luna is crazy like me!
Stefani, 13, London

It's really tiring but worth it because it would be amazing to be picked. Luna is such a different character.
Francesca, 13, Surrey

We got here at 6.40. I've done other auditions but really wanted to be here as it's something really special!
Jessica, 14, Surrey

I've been in a casting queue before but never this long!
Sophia, 15, Hendon

I came up this morning with my dad. It's freezing but I'm so cold I can't feel my nerves! I'd love to be Luna as she has a uniqueness and doesn't care what others think about her.
Lucy, 13, Portsmouth

My dad and I got a train at 4.30 this morning and I've been queuing since 6.30! It's freezing but I'm really excited!
Serena, 13, Lee-on-Sea

When I was in the room for the audition it was quite nerve-wraking even though we only had to say our name! I didn't get through.
Maddi, 14, Essex

My feet are going to drop off from the cold! I'm nervous and anxious but still excited! I'd love to be Luna!
Alex, 14, Watford

I've been waiting in this queue for Harry Potter for two hours and I'm having an amazing time! Even though it's freezing cold!
Liz, 13, Wolverhampton

I want two go, but my mum won't let me!.
Selina, 13, Glasgow

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