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Last Updated: Monday June 06 2005 10:17 GMT

Child labour: your thoughts

Children working in India
More than 400 children have been rescued in raids in factory sweatshops in Mumbai, India.

Children are frequently illegally used for making things like leather goods or clothes.

Do you think about child labour at all when you buy brands? Do you ever wonder where it comes from or who makes it?

Would you mind paying more money for something if you knew it wasn't made with child labour?

And do you think there is enough information about it available?

E-mail and tell us your thoughts.

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Your Comments

I don't really think about where the clothes I have bought come from or who made them. But when I get reminded of it, I feel really bad because the companies who sell the clothes get all the money, but the children who actually make them get hardly anything. It's not fair that these children don't have a proper education and deserve more out of what they're doing. People should raise more awareness to this problem, so everyone knows about it and the children can get more out of their life.
Annabel, 14, Hemel Hempstead

Child labour is barbaric and cruel. These children are put in horrific conditions to work 1. when it's against the law and 2. they're not even being paid. I was amazed at how awful it was to force a child of 5 to work. Being a child is for playing, having fun and laughing I hope the rescued children can now live in happiness.
Millie, 12, West Sussex

Child labour is cruel. I knew about it but I didn't know that the poor children made clothes that I wear. When I said in a PHSE lesson once 'Stop Child Labour' a friend said, "Stop Child Labour? But I want to get a job!" She obviously didn't understand, we need more information about child labour. Children need a childhood. Not to get a job and no pay. It's not fair.
Hannah, 13, Woolpit

It's a vicious cycle really. These children are working coz their families need the money. If we stop buying the products the make, their not going to get the money that their families need. If we rescue the children from having to work in factories, again, they're not going to get the money they need. But if we continue to let them work long hours for very little pay, then they get the money they need, but still end up exhausted!
Sarah, 15, Milton Keynes

It's awful. They shouldn't work unless the want to. And also they should get paid for it. I haven't even thought about, but now I should because I'm lucky I don't have to work, and those poor children must have worked their socks off for nothing.
Charlie, 13, Yorkshire

I do not think that these children should be working like they do, but they need to work to earn money, or their family will starve. We can't just stop it happening completely, but we could gradually higher the wage and shorten the hours . Rich countries should also be giving money to help build schools and give free educating to kids.
Hannah, 13, Leicester

I can't believe that people are making young children work. This is a major problem and we need to get it sorted. I think you should only be allowed to work if you are 16 and over. Also if children need the money they should have an allowance every week!
Lydia, 11, Sheffield

I think it's HORRIBLE!!! Kids are being stopped from having an education, friends and a life, and it's no worse then slavery itself. And like Cassie said, I also wouldn't mind paying an extra 1.50 for a shirt at the store. I THINK IT SHOULD BE STOPPED NOW!!!
Porter, 13, Ledyard

I think child labour is disgusting!! I think it should not be allowed!
Sarah, 13, Reading

I think that not only is child labour cruel, but so is the labour of all mankind, if it makes the labourer miserable.
Natasha, 13, Essex

It is ridiculous that most shops are using child labour to make more of a profit - especially as we have not much of an option. Children and teenagers don't usually have a lot of money to spend on clothes, so we have to resort to buying clothes made using child labour which are cheaper. Children shouldn't be exploited wherever they are, we need to stamp out child labour everywhere.
Lizi, 14, Ringwood

Children working in bad conditions is bad but how else are they supposed to get money for food, they might have to beg, or worse.
James, 13, St Albans

I think it's awful that so many children are working in child labour but it is good that so many children were rescued.
Georgia, 11, Swansea

I think that child labour is cruel, nothing else. It is a major problem in our world today and needs to be resolved fast, before it's too late. Children deserve happiness and good education not slavery and sadness, world leaders should really step on this problem and find out a solution to end it. I feel very sad for those children, I just wish I was in power, then I'd do something...
Krissy, 14, Norwich

I think people of my age and younger should only work if they feel they want to. I think it is great that so people have been saved but the thing we need to think about is how many more are there??
Samantha, 15, Glasgow

I think it should be allowed as long as they are getting paid. Some children don't have choice because there is nobody else who can earn money for the family also some of the children's parents could have died.
Nisha, 15, London

Our childhood is for having and enjoying education, it is not for child labour and poor pay. I think if a product is a result of child labour it should be made clear so that we can avoid these products and help rid the world of child labour.
Jamie, 15, Belfast

These children are being treated unfairly and have not got the time to enjoy their childhood like what we do! Every child in ever country should be treated equally and with respect!
Meg, 14, Birkhill

It's terrible, children shouldn't have to work. Childhood is meant to be full of happiness and play.
Zoe, 11, Southampton

Isn't it just as bad that adults are working in these conditions?
Heather, 10, Birmingham

I feel sorry for those poor children. I've been to Mumbai, and I've seen children working. I am soooooooooo lucky compared to those children.
Nosheen, 12, London

It would be very hypocritical for me to say that I feel it's unfair cause despite agreeing with that, I still go out and get clothes and shoes made by these children. It's a shame that this happens and I really believe it's a human right to education which is what these children need. If they are educated then they can broaden their chances of a better future with a secure job than what they are doing now which is poorly paid and isn't justice to their work!
Sarah, 15, Bristol

I think child labour is disgraceful. It really makes me sick to my stomach. How can anyone, in their right mind, do this to children? I never think about it when I buy brands. I think people should be made aware of where their clothes come from.
Catherine, 14, Dublin

It's sick, something needs to be done QUICKLY! It makes me feel ashamed that I could be wearing clothes made by children forced into child labour. It's just plain wrong.
Vicky, 16, London

I rarely ever think about who makes my clothes but, now I know that children who are to young to make clothes could be making my clothes it makes me stop and think.
Amber, 10, Manchester

It's really sad that they still make children do this. But when visiting these countries we can see that international aid must be given to help these children in the long run. I mean, if you just stop them from working they will maybe be in an even worse condition as they'd be penniless.
Isabella, 15, London

Of course I'd pay more if it wasn't made by child labour and if I knew it was made by children I'd never buy it! It's illegal, nasty and damages their lives. There is no information on products about who made it. These all are problems that need to be resolved.
Razan, 14, London

I think it's really wrong! Who could even think of doing something like that! I mean, if they need workers why don't they get adult workers. I know that some of the children want to work to earn money but they don't know it's illegal. It's really sad.
Maimuna, 12, London

We've recently been doing sweatshops and globalization in our Geography lessons. It's shocking to hear that children our age are having to work for very long hours to support their families. But the thing is, not many people know about child labour, and don't think it happens any more, when it actually does. I reckon more should be done to help stop it, because we're getting a chance to receive an education, and enjoy ourselves, and they should too.
Kate, 14, Aylesbury

I feel so sorry for those children, I've never thought how lucky I am. I think they should give more info about this 'child labour' I'm quite interested in it.
Nosheen, 12, Accrington

It just makes me realise how lucky I am to be living in this country. I think it's wrong for children to have to work, they should be enjoying getting an education.
Floss, 14, London

Kids like these are forced into bad working conditions all over the world - more needs to be done about it.
Emily, 15, Cardiff

It's really sad to hear that children have to do all this. But it also makes you realise how lucky and fortunate you are, that you have a good education and you don't have to work to survive. Maybe we should pay more attention to child labour as something needs to be done about it.
Vadz, 14, Walsall

We studied child poverty in modern studies at school and I thought that it's horrible the way that children are treated. It should be completely banned!
Caitlin, 14, Glasgow

That's awful. I didn't know that happened until now. I think there should be more information about it and I would pay more for stuff not made by kids.
Cassie, 11, Cardiff

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