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Last Updated: Wednesday January 11 2006 15:56 GMT

Firefighters save trapped hamster

A hamster
Firefighters on the night shift in Chester got an unusual wake-up call when they were called on to help out a hamster trapped in its cage.

The tiny rodent had got its head trapped between the thin metal bars while its owner was cleaning its cage.

She tried to free the hamster but when she couldn't decided to get help - by taking it to the local fire station.

A spokeswoman for Cheshire Fire Service said about the 3am ham-ergency: "It was certainly a very unusual job."

She added: "The hamster was stuck firmly between the bars of the cage. We used the cutters we usually use for removing jewellery such as rings which are stuck.

"We cut the bars around the neck and released the hamster. The owner and the hamster were both very relieved."

The hamster wasn't hurt and is now back at home safe and sound.

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