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Last Updated: Thursday June 02 2005 07:49 GMT

Campaign to save world's primates

A new campaign to save the world's remaining apes and monkeys from extinction has been launched.

The My Mate's a Primate campaign, run by Animal Defenders International (ADI), aims to make people think about how the creatures are harmed by people.

It says the animals are being wiped out by hunting, the pet trade, scientific experiments and even by being captured for entertainment on TV and in films.

The group also want to highlight how we are destroying the creatures' habitat.

An ADI report highlights the main problems for primates.

It says hunters asre killing 6,000 western lowland gorillas, 15,000 chimpanzees and 7.5 million colobus monkeys for food each year.

Many primates, like chimps, are being used for entertainment, which the report says is like slavery.

On top of that, ADI say medical experiments on primates are useless, because they are so different from humans that the results won't be accurate.

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