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Last Updated: Wednesday January 11 2006 09:25 GMT

The hunt is on for Luna Lovegood

Fiona Weir, the casting director for Harry Potter
Fiona Weir is the the casting director for the next Harry Potter film.
Female Potter fans have been invited to an open audition for the role of Luna Lovegood.

Lizo caught up with Fiona Weir, casting director for The Order of the Phoenix, to find out what she would be looking for when choosing the lucky winner:

Lizo: What qualities are you looking for with Luna?

Fiona Weir: The wonderful thing about Luna is that she can have any sort of look at all. But it's a very particular quality that's important about Luna. I'm sure anybody who knows of the character from the books is aware that she's very otherworldly, she's not like anybody else. She's almost an outsider who likes to watch people. And she's slightly detached from the world. She's a very interesting and unusual girl so it's that sort of quality that we're looking for.

Lizo: So can anybody of any age from anywhere in the world come along?

Fiona Weir: Absolutely not, I'm afraid. You have to be between the ages of 13 and 16. And when we have this open call on Saturday you will have to provide proof of your age - either through a passport or birth certificate. And also, even though Luna can have any sort of accent - the girl who plays her does need to be resident in the UK or Ireland. And again we'll need proof of that when you come along.

Lizo: How difficult is it filling a part like Luna's?

Fiona Weir: It's very difficult for Luna because she's so unusual. I'm sure most people would admit that they probably don't know anyone quite like Luna. But we have met lots of fantastic girls, we've visited schools up and down the country and we've met some brilliant girls. But holding an Open Call is just a way of us making sure that there isn't anyone that we might have missed.

Lizo: So some girls you've already seen aren't out of the running?

Fiona Weir: No. No final decisions have been made.

Lizo: How's this day going to work? Do they have to come in and recite 20 minutes of Romeo and Juliet?

Fiona Weir: Absolutely not. It's not an audition. It's an Open Call. What that means is that anyone who'd like to apply can come along. You fill in a form with all your details, then if you fit the criteria - you're the right age and you live in the right place - you come in and I see the groups of girls and I tell them a little bit about it. And anybody that I feel might be of interest, we take a photograph and then we invite [some of] them to come back for an audition at a later date.

Lizo: And then they can come for auditions or workshops?

Fiona Weir: Absolutely, whatever is appropriate for the individual. But it could be a long wait [on the day]. We hope that lots and lots of people will come, so if you're coming along please dress warmly and be patient.

Lizo: Now you, of course, did the Cho Chang auditions for the last film. What was it like, did you manage to spot Katie Leung early? Was there something about her?

Fiona Weir: There was. That was a fantastic experience because we had around 3,000 girls turned up for that, which was wonderful. And Katie was very particular, and yes she had something about her which just made me think that I should pay attention.

Lizo: Now with this film Order of the Phoenix, how urgently do you need a Luna?

Fiona Weir: Well, we start filming in February, so we haven't got that much time, but we've got enough time to find the right girl.

Lizo: And what's happening with some of the other roles. You must have filled them by now. You can tell us what's going on.

Fiona Weir: Yes, we'll we've got lots of wonderful new characters in the new film, and we've got some fabulous actors playing them. But I'm not going to tell you who they are.

Lizo: Oh go on, just a Tonks or a Shacklebolt... What are they like?

Fiona Weir: No, I'm sure you'll be one of the first to hear. But not just yet.