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Last Updated: Thursday January 12 2006 18:08 GMT

EXCLUSIVE: Open Luna castings!

Harry Potter in the Goblet of Fire
If you're hoping for a part in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, you might be in luck - there's a casting call for actresses on Saturday.

Makers Warner Bros are hunting for a girl aged 13-16, living in Ireland or the UK, to play Luna Lovegood.

It's happening between 10am and 2pm on 14 January, at the Central Hall Westminster, Storey's Gate, in London.

Girls should bring a passport or birth certificate to prove their age, and dress warmly as there could be a wait!

Anybody who doesn't have a passport or proof of their won't be seen, and neither will girls who don't live in the UK or Ireland, and Luna is the only part they're looking for.

You also need to bring something with proof of your address on to show where you live.

They're just planning to take a photo of anyone they think has the right look, and will get back in touch with some of them for an audition.

They also say girls should come as themselves - no costumes, make-up or high heels will be allowed.

The queue opens at 8am on Saturday morning, and closes at 2pm.

The full address for the audition is:

The Central Hall Westminster
Storey's Gate
London SW1

The nearest underground stations are St James Park and Westminster.

You shouldn't contact the venue as there is no further information available.

What they're looking for

The casting is part of a search that's now been going on for weeks. Casting director Fiona Weir told CBBC Newsround they're looking for a unique girl for the role: "The wonderful thing about Luna is that she can have any sort of look at all.

"But it's a very particular quality that's important about Luna. I'm sure anybody who knows of the character from the books is aware that she's very otherworldly, she's not like anybody else."

Fiona also told Newsround that some girls that they've already seen are still being considered for the part: "We've visited schools up and down the country and we've met some brilliant girls. But holding an Open Call is just a way of us making sure that there isn't anyone that we might have missed."

Will you be going to the Luna auditions? How do you rate your chances?

What kind of girls should get the part?

Let us know by emailing using the form on the right.

Does Luna really have to have blonde hair and blue eyes? because I think there are a lot of girls who have the potential to play Luna's character but they don't have blonde hair.
Jess, 15, London

I am hoping to go on Saturday. It isn't often a character comes along that I feel I could do really well, but this is one of those times and I would be gutted not to get a chance to go in for the part too.
Hana, 14, York

OMG! it would be so cool to get into the movie, I have brown hair and brown eyes so I don't think I'll get the part but I'm still going to try and get down there anyway!
Arianne, 13, Ilford

Wow I would love to but I don't really fit the description well enough. My friend is though and she really is perfect she has everything the character has in the book and is an excellent actress.
Anna, 14, Bristol

Ever since I read the story of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix I always thought of myself as being like Luna. It's strange how much the character and I are so alike, apart from the fact that I would never be seen wearing corkscrew necklaces or radish earrings!
Sidonie, 13, Colchester

I can not believe that they are giving everyone another chance to audition - it is sooo cool!! I am going to the auditions and I am really excited about it! I hope it will be fun so good luck to anyone else who is going to try out for it too!
Lucy, 13, Bexley Heath

Well of course it is everyone's dream to be in Harry Potter but even if you don't succeed at least it will give you an idea of what an audition is like - if like me you have never been to one yet!
Lianne, 14, London

I think that a person of a bi-racial/ethnic background should get the part as there aren't many coloured actors in the film at moment.
Jenna, 14, London

I think that all girls have a chance, not just those who have blonde hair and blue eyes. I wasn't so sure about auditioning at first but my friends made me realised that you have to have the qualities not the looks.
Maritoni, 13, Birmingham

Well, ever since I saw the first film I have wanted to be in it. I am like Luna because I am...well...'Strange' I have brown hair and light eyes, I hope this will suit the character. I am going with 2 other friends but hopefully it turns out ok. If they let me in!!
Emily, 12, Reading

I am hoping to get the part, I think a good Luna needs to be loony for real! I am completely bonkers so I can only hope.
Daizy, 13, Reading

I am going to the open auditions because I have been dying for my chance to come and act in such a brilliant film. I have waist length dirty blonde hair and protuberant eyes. If I don't get the part then good luck to whoever does.
Candice, 15, London

My brother told me about the auditions so I was really excited but he then told me that they were being held in London...I would of loved to go and audition but it's this Saturday and I live in Scotland so it might be hard to get there...I wish they could hold auditions in Scotland, then I would go!!
Marnie, 13, Scotland

Wow, I thought they were close to choosing who to pick and not looking at anymore girls. To play Luna you are going to have to be good with all the competition. I just wished they were holding them in a place like Manchester too so more people in the North have a chance if they can't get to London. I wish I could go! Never mind, good luck to all the people who are going!
Kate, 14, Huddersfield

I love the Harry Potter series and would be very very glad if I got the part of Luna Lovegood it sounds as though I pretty much fit the description but we'll have to wait and see!
Emma, 14, Blackpool

Sounds like a wonderful experience... once in a life time chance everyone should go for it.
Felicia, 15, Nottingham

I have a friend who is going to audition and we think she is perfect. I think the actress should have a natural eccentricity and almost weird flare! (only in a cool way of course!). Whoever is picked also needs typical Luna Lovegood wide eyes.
Naomi, 15, Worthing

I think Luna should be blonde and different from other characters. She should be natural and not wearing a lot of make-up. I am going to the auditions and I am really hoping to get a part in Harry Potter!!

Emma, 13, High Wycombe

I thought about going, my mum said that she will take me but I am questioning whether I will be good enough. All my friends say that I should try. I have mousey blonde hair and blue eyes. I love Harry Potter and I am doing drama for GCSE at the moment so I may have a chance.
Sonia, 14, Tonbridge

I'm not auditioning for the part but my best mate is and I think she really deserves it. She has the right look and has the same chance of getting it as anyone else.
Sam, 15, Cornwall

I love acting and as I have a lot of character I would like to think that I could fulfil the part of Luna!

Lauren, 13, Chichester

I think a short dark-haired girl should get the part because of the mysterious look. I'm definitely going to the auditions because I really would love a part in the film.
Charlotte, 13, Gravesend

Luna, what a great character. She has all the wisdom of a crazy old woman and the curiosity of a small child. I know I'd do anything to get a part as Luna! Definitely the best part to play and you'd probably have the most fun! The actor should have a very blank face and should be ready to shock. They should also have to have no fear of making a fool of themselves!
Leigh, 14, Orpington

I have no passed experience but it would be really nice to get the part. I don't no if I can go though. I think the person who gets the part will have some extra thing that stands out against the other girls just like Luna she seems if the books are anything to go by a very odd girl, very hard to play.
Jessica, 14, London

I would love to play the role of Luna Lovegood for many reasons, she is such an interesting character and it would be an honour to have the opportunity to be around such talented actors. I am going to try to be at the auditions because it is too good an opportunity to miss!!
Ella, 14, Preston

Luna, what a great character. She has all the wisdom of a crazy old woman and the curiosity of a small child. I know I'd do anything to get a part as Luna! Definitely the best part to play and you'd probably have the most fun! The actor should have a very blank face and should be ready to shock. They should also have to have no fear of making a fool of themselves!
Leigh, 14, Orpington

I think someone who is mad all the time not and so not just acting should get it. At my school you have to be a certain way to fit in so a crazy streak is always good!
Jessica, 14, London

I think an average girl should get the part. They should be able to act obviously but should be a person who looks like a normal 13+ girl.
Kate, 13, Did cot

Any girl should be allowed to audition and be given the chance, It's good that Warner Bros are giving the chance to girls who are inexperienced in acting. Good luck to anyone who's auditioning!
Tania, 12, Northants

I'm going to the Luna auditions. I'm so excited and I'll be arriving early so I can get a good place in the queue. I fit the descriptions well but I don't think I'll be getting the part as there are more talented girls than me so I'm just going for fun. I wish everyone else who's going the best of luck!
Cherie, 13, London

I think it is brilliant that they are looking for some one to act in the new Harry Potter film, but as I don't have a passport I cant join that huge line of girls to see if I have any chance of getting into the film and working with great people. I'll just have to see who gets the part later on then fell sorry for myself and eat loads of chocolate!!
Rebecca, 14, Slough

Luna MUST have dirty blonde hair and light coloured eyes or it will not be true to the book.
Paige, 14, Bexley

I am auditioning for Luna Lovegood this Saturday. My grandmother is taking me. I just turned fifteen last April, so I am quite excited. If I get the part, remember that I posted here first!
Lucy, 15, Manchester

I am kind of upset because I am going to be in America at that time to visit family and I wanted to try out for Luna Lovegood but it doesn't matter at least I will be able to see the movie I love all the movies and books so far!! Absolutely amazing!
Erica, 14, Hounslow

I think that the girl should be someone with brown hair and brown eyes because these features always give a mysterious look. I also think that she should be quite small as this, as you said in your report, gives the impression that she is a bit different from others!!!
Jenin 14, Affection

I can't wait till the auditions it would be great to get the part but if I don't it isn't the end of the world because I will just be glad of the experience.
Sarah, 15, West Yorkshire

I'm a year younger and this is frustrating me - if only they said 12-16!
Serina, 12, Derby

I hope to be coming along with my friend from school, it's just persuading my dad to take me! I really want to have the part in Harry Potter but won't be that disappointed if I don't get called back as I know there will be a lot of young attractive girls at the audition.
Katie 13, Clacton

I hope that the girl that does achieve the part should be natural, hardly wear any make-up or anything over the top. They should be a really good actress and not just act just because they have to but because they want to have a really good time and meet new people along the way. This really is a once in a life time experience.
Laura, 15, Bromsgrove

I really think I could do well as Luna Lovegood and I could give the character the strange sense she has!
Jericho, 13, Bristol

I think it should be someone who's willing to work hard, have a laugh and most of all just be themselves!!!
Rachel, 15, Bexhill

I would like to go to the auditions but some people might not get chosen because they might not be the right weight or not pretty enough for the part and I don't think that would be fair.
Nikki, 15, Lancashire

I am hoping to be going to the auditions and I think I have as good as a chance as anyone else does because I'm confident. But I'd still be happy for whoever gets it, I think any girl who is confident and is passionate about the character they are playing should have a chance.
Susan, 15, Cumbernauld

I would LOVE to audition for a part in Harry Potter but as I live in Manchester there is absolutely no way that I could ever get down to London. I don't think this is very fair - neither does my drama teacher. If there were more auditions around the country, rather than just in London, then they may be able to find someone more suitable quicker.
Jessica, 14, Manchester

I'm definitely going to the auditions on Saturday although I know my chances are slim!
Katy, 15, Edgware

I'm going to the auditions. I've got long blond hair and blue eyes and all my mates say I have the 'look of Luna'. It's going to be my first movie audition but I still have past acting experience!
Georgia, 13, Cheshire

I will be going to the auditions, as I'm a huge fan of Harry Potter, and this could be my only chance to be a part of it.
Fiona, 13, Dumbarton

I think that I stand about a 7 out of 10 chance of getting the part. I think the kind of girl you should choose for the part should have plain face with a strange sense of humour and an odd personality.
Elizabeth, 13, Basildon

It's a chance of a lifetime and my birthday is in May! I really wish I could go in for it and you'd get to meet so many talented actors and actresses! I wish I lived nearer so I could go and audition!
Helena, 12, Poole

I will be going to the auditions if I can. I am a very dreamy girl who is always lost in daydreams. I usually don't pay attention to what anybody is saying but that is not often.
Stephanie, 14, Bradford

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