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Last Updated: Thursday January 12 2006 08:34 GMT

Diving with sea creatures

Press Packer Kristina (top) and her mum
Press Packer Kristina (top) and her mum diving in the Caribbean Sea

Press Packer Kristina started diving when she was eight-years-old.

In her report she tells us about her first breath underwater and why she loves diving with sea creatures.

"If you are looking for a fun sport, scuba dive. It's amazing!

Getting into diving

I first started scuba diving by doing a course called Padi Bubblemaker when I was eight years old.

The instructors on the course made sure that everything was safe.

Breathing underwater

During the course I dived in the shallow end of the pool.

My first ever breath underwater was absolutely amazing.

A few days later an instructor came with me into the sea to do a shallow dive. The coral and the colours were beautiful.

Diving deeper

When I was 10 years old I was able to become a junior open water diver.

This meant that I could dive with my parents to a depth of 12 metres.

Enjoying exams!

I had to do two tests, one theory test and one in the pool.

Six months before the test I was given a book to read about diving, which I read and really enjoyed.

The pool exam was a lot of fun. I did my exam with adults too, and I passed!!

Swimming with sea creatures

It was my parents who got me interested in diving. They really enjoyed diving and seeing sea creatures.

It's definitely my favourite sport too.

It's incredible seeing the creatures first hand, instead of just looking at pictures in guide books."

Kristina, 11, Cheshire

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