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Last Updated: Thursday June 02 2005 17:37 GMT

Does the Crazy Frog deserve to be number one?

The Crazy Frog on Erik Wernquist's site
The makers of the Crazy Frog single say watch out, as there will be more ringtone hits to come.

But do you think the Crazy Frog deserves to be number one?

Is it better than the likes of Coldplay, Oasis or Black-Eyed Peas who all entered the top 10?

Do you love the song, or are you sick of it?

And do you think that ringtones should be allowed to enter the singles chart?

E-mail and let us know what you think.

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

Your Comments

I think that the Crazy Frog beat Coldplay fair and square. So what is all the fuss about?
Bethany, 12, Kent

I don't really mind it: the Crazy Frog's just a bit of fun! Cheer up!
Alice, 11, Ipswich

It deserves to be number one because it sold more records than anybody else. Simple.
Phillipe, 12, Virginia Water

No way. Music charts is for music, not stupid annoying little ringtones. It's worn out now and really annoying.
Rachael, 15, Notts

One word - no.
Laura, 11, Liverpool

The crazy frog has been banned from our school because the head teacher finds it is annoying.
Rachel, 13, London

As much as this "thing" annoys me, I love it to bits. It does deserve the number 1 spot. I love the frog, and I say congratulations to the inventor for making people go crazy!
Natasha, 13, Essex

I absolutely despise the Crazy Frog! Mind you Nessie the dragon and Sweetie and fluffy are just as annoying. I don't like Coldplay, but I still prefer them to the Crazy Frog. In my opinion the Crazy Frog is just pure flabadobs.
Jack, 11, Melton Mowbray

I think the Crazy Frog is a pain. It was weird and funny at first but now I think it is rubbish. I think they should ban it from the charts.
Craig, 11, Dudley

I can't stand it!!! I have to change the channel every time it's on!
Jack, 10, Stevenage

I think it's a great tune but now it has all the mixes it's gone a little over the top!! It should be at number 1 but I agree it is REALLY annoying!!
Shona, 12, St. Andrews

I hate it! First Amarillo, now this?? It's cheesy and just so irritating. Other bands like Coldplay and the Killers work to get where they are and they get cast aside by some cheap rubbish ringtone? What's happening to everyone's music taste - it's getting worse!
Nicola, 15, Wednesdbury

I think the crazy frog ringtone is cool especially the new one 'cuz it's more up beat and I think it does deserve to be number 1 even though I like Coldplay!!
Lauren, 10, Peterborough

The TV publicises it so much that it doesn't need to be in the music charts as well. The song was on 6 times in an hour a week ago. Music charts should be for music not ringtones. At first I thought the Crazy Frog was really cool but it just bores me. Crazy Frog just isn't worth the money.
Sami, 12, Wootton Bassett

I am glad Crazy frog is number one. I actually hate it, it drives me crazy, but I hate Coldplay more!
Sarah, 14, Essex

It really shouldn't be number one but you have to admit that Jamster have been really clever and it is pretty funny..
Emj, 14, Staffordshire

I hate the Crazy Frog I don't think it should of been released as a single! But fair enough if people actually want to buy it.
Jess, 14, Jersey

I know it's totally stupid, and it does annoy a lot of people, but come on!! It's just a bit of fun so don't complain, it will end up disappearing soon anyway, these crazes always do!
Rach, 15, Hampshire

I think it doesn't really but I can't help dancing away to it with my friends whenever it's on TV but I kind of think it is quite good.
Rachel, 12, Glasgow

It doesn't deserve to be number 1!!!! Coldplay put loads of time into creating their new hit "Speed of Sound", then a silly ringtone tune, comes along and ruins it for them!!! Plus it's soooo annoying!
Jamie, 15, Gillingham

Sure - why not? Just because some people don't like it or find it annoying doesn't mean it is any less deserving than another song. Lots of people don't like other certain artists, but there'd be no big fuss if they'd got number 1.
Orla, 11, London

It doesn't deserve to be number 1 it was brill at first but now it's just dead annoying. I hope it doesn't go on for years.
Gillian, 13, Wishaw

The UK charts should be for the real musicians.
Jonathan, 14, Tewkesbury

I think it is unfair how proper singers and bands are beaten to number 1 by it. Come on it is an animated character.
Mark, 13, West Mersea

It isn't right that Crazy Frog can beat those with fantastic voices, they deserve to be number 1!
Victoria, 12, Cannock

I think the Crazy Frog ringtone gets really irritating !!! I think that the chick and dragon are sweet but the noise of the Crazy Frog is awful it should be around number 20 instead.
Charlotte, 12, London

The Crazy Frog is really getting on my nerves because it has been around too long now, everyone has heard it so many times before. The chart should make way for proper musicians.
Laura, 14, Cheshire

I hate the Crazy Frog. It is rubbish. It is also on TV too often.
Nikki, 13, Dumfries

Aaaargh! It's so annoying! So I've just downloaded it...
Robert, 13, London

No! Coldplay worked for all their songs; they don't deserve to be beaten by some cheap, EXTREMELY irritating ringtone!
Ros, 14, Cheltenham

No it is the worst thing ever and it shouldn't even be allowed to be played.
Eve, 11, Newcastle

I think it does deserve to be first because it is a good and funny song and people of all ages enjoy listening to it.
Jack, 11, High Wycombe

The Crazy Frog is a cool tune, and it's great for a ringtone. But it shouldn't be released into the charts, because young children will buy it - and young children are who make the charts. It's not fair that a ringtone beats a very good song by a great band.
Josh, 14, Ipswich

If so much people have bought it then yes, but it should not have been made into a single. I wouldn't waste my money on it.
Leona, 12, Macduff

At first it was really funny but now it's just so annoying. I mean it's a stupid frog beating people like Oasis. Get a grip guys - I wouldn't mind if it was in the charts but I think putting it at number one is a bit too far.
Ali, 13, Scotland

It's not fair that it beat bands with real talent for the top spot. It's so annoying as well. The first time it's funny but they just keep showing the ad and by the 199th time you're throwing your pillow at the TV! It's not even a song it's a ringtone and ringtones have their own charts they shouldn't be on the music ones too.
Emma, 13, Dublin

I think Crazy Frog does deserve number 1 because he is adored by thousands of people throughout the UK and also even many adults like him and I think he is ACE!!!!!!
Lysette, 13, Howden

Crazy Frog = Lame! It was funny the first time I heard the original one, but it's worn out now. It's Dry!
Sam, 12, London

I think the song is awful and definitely does NOT deserve to be number 1. It's so typical that all these dreadful songs get to number 1 when there is great music out there that doesn't get a look in.
Maddi, 12, Lincoln

I think it's really catchy so it should deserve to be number 1 though it is a bit annoying.
Emily, 10, Amersham

I guess it does deserve to be number one, because that's what people in the UK like the most at the moment but I don't think the Crazy Frog is better than Coldplay!
Priya, 14, London

I don't think Crazy Frog should have got to No. 1. The charts should only be open for singers as they actually have talent. This little pest is annoying and should never be let into the pop world again. It is wrong to change the music industry for tacky ringtones, and something should be done about it.
Matthew, 13, Sidcup

The crazy frog shouldn't have even been released- my dad got the ringtone, and in real life it sounds even worse than on the TV!
Hannah, 11, Lincoln

At first, the Crazy Frog thing was funny, but now it's just ridiculous! I don't know anyone my age or older who isn't sick of the thing! I mean, my brother's 12, and he likes it, and so does the 6 year old across the road, but that's coz they're immature! The whole thing's just gone too far now, yes, it was funny at first, but just leave it at that!
Kate, 14, Aylesbury

Definitely not! It's a ringtone for goodness sake! It's a very annoying one too and as much as I hate Coldplay, it was harsh that they were beaten to the number one spot by a frog!
Linda, 13, Redditch

I think it's more addictive than annoying. Whenever it's on the TV I turn it up and sing along as best I can!
Flo, 14, Surrey

I'm sick of it. At first it was alright, but now it's annoying! The Black Eyed Peas deserve to be number 1.
Rebecca, 14, Essex

I don't think that it should be number 1 because it started off as a ringtone and it should be kept like that. It's sad to think that someone is making loads of money out of this annoying character!!
Claudia, 13, Moscow

I think that the Crazy Frog should stay as a ringtone, and not as a single in the charts. Real bands deserve to be number one, not an annoying ringtone!
Annabel, 13, Hemel Hempstead

I loved it when it first came out and now I love it even more.
Scott, 8, East Kilbride

No way! It is awful and really overrated. The ringtone was bad enough but to release a single, is taking this money making idea, too far. I think it will stay on the top spot for a few weeks!
Aimee, 14, Wolverhampton

I think people are crazy to like the Crazy Frog. It is so annoying it was ok the first time but now it's taking it too far!
Abby, 13, London

People may like the ringtone but that's as far as it should go. It should not be classed as proper music.
Floss, 14, London

The song is just amazing... ringtones will be the main thing this year ! I hear there are rumours about a Mrs Crazy Frog!
Paul, 15, Aberdeen

I'm loving that little blue frog at the mo! He's so funny!
Sarah, 12, Kidderminster

It shouldn't deserve to be number 1 because Coldplay, Oasis and Black Eyed Peas have worked months for their song whereas Crazy Frog took five minutes to record.
Bradley, 12, Lincoln

Coldplay are the UK's best songwriters and have put more effort into their song than the Crazy Frog! They should have had the No.1!!!
Lisa, 14, Essex

It is a bit annoying but everybody likes it and it's not even a song so it shouldn't be top of the charts.
Lily, 12, London

I haven't got the frog ringtone but I think it did deserve to be in the charts even if it wasn't number 1.
Charlie, 10, Leicester

Lots of people have bought it so I guess it does deserve to be number 1, but I don't think it should've been made as a single in the first place - it's sooo annoying!
Sophie, 13, Leeds

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