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Last Updated: Monday May 30 2005 10:43 GMT

Ducklings saved by a mother hen

The hen with her ducklings
Seven little ducklings have been saved from the frying pan after a motherly old hen took a fancy to them.

Jackie Bisset bought the duck eggs into her house to cook them, because the ducks refused to sit on them.

But Henrietta the hen took a great interest in the duck eggs and kept sitting on them, so Jackie decided to leave her to see what happened.

All seven eggs soon hatched into ducklings and the fluffy ones now think the hen is their mum!

"Because Henrietta kept sitting on the eggs, we then decided to shove them under her and she spent about three weeks on them before they hatched," said Jackie, 55, from Denny in Stirlingshire.

"A hen is a much better mother, more protective, and the chicks follow her now rather than the ducks."

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